What is the full form of SIT?

SIT stands for Special Investigation Teams. This is a special team of Indian officers who are trained to investigate serious crime.

Role of SIT

SIT’s sole purpose is to investigate and prosecute the accused. The Supreme Court of India, Central and State Governments can form SIT in any case.

The constitution does not specify which form of a case should be assigned to an SIT. This team is usually assigned to high-profile cases. This appointment is in accordance with the Indian Penal Code of 1860. It generally covers all proceedings under CRPC to collect pieces of evidence. The Station House Officer, or any other police officer not below the rank inspector, can conduct this special investigation. The SIT will first submit its report to Court of the First Instance. The Court’s board will then decide whether to accept or reject the document.

Need of SIT

It is usually appointed when the current agency is unable to conduct a legitimate investigation of the situation or if there is evidence against high-profile people who could impact the examination by the existing agency.

How does SIT work?

  • The government will appoint a special investigation team.The Supreme Court or the State GovernmentThe team is led by one person.
  • The team is currently investigating the case and preparing a report to court attendance.
  • This report is open to scrutiny at all levels.
  • The Court can endorse or defy the report.
  • If the recommendation is rejected or denied, it will then be up to the appeals jury as to what the future of the case looks like.

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