An Expert Shares 4 Easy Techniques to Get Baby to Sleep in Seconds

“Helping Your Baby Sleep Easily: 4 Simple Tricks

Getting your baby to fall asleep quickly can sometimes be hard because their body clocks aren’t fully developed until they’re about 3 months old. Many parents hope that bedtime with their baby will be calm and peaceful, but that’s not always the case.

That’s why we want to share these 4 easy tricks from an expert to help your baby sleep well and fall asleep fast.

1. Make Your Baby Look at One Thing

This first trick is simple and works really well. Babies are naturally curious and like to look around. If you can get your baby to focus their eyes on one thing, especially if it’s up higher than their eyes, they’ll get tired and close their eyes.

2. Gently Stroke Your Baby’s Face

The second trick is also easy and works best when your baby is already a little sleepy. You start by softly moving your hand, without touching, over your baby’s face.

Keep doing it in circles, not back and forth. Slow down each time you do it. Do this a few times until your baby falls asleep.

3. Gently wiggle them to sleep.

The third trick works like a gentle rocking motion, like a cradle. While holding your baby, put your hand on their bottom and gently wiggle them. This will also make their head move slightly, making them feel a little disoriented and fall into a deeper sleep.

4. Combine All the Tricks

The last trick includes all the previous ones and more, like rocking, wiggling, rubbing their fingers, making shushing sounds, and gently stroking their face. Start by doing everything a bit faster and then slow down until your baby is fast asleep.


“Babies often want their mom and some milk when they wake up. To help them feel less lonely at night, give them a small stuffed animal that smells like you.

Keep the stuffed animal near you for a few days to get your smell on it. Then, give it to your baby at bedtime.

Make sure to use a small stuffed animal so it can’t cover your baby’s face.”

Babies can wake up if they’re too hot or cold. A baby sleep bag can help keep them warm without the risk of covering their face with a blanket.

I really recommend trying a baby sleep bag!

Even if it doesn’t help your baby sleep better, it might give you peace of mind knowing they can’t pull a blanket over their face, especially as they get a few months older.”

7. Easy Bedtime Routine

  • Keep It Quiet: Start by keeping the room quiet and dimly lit at bedtime.
  • Soft Interactions: Before bedtime, speak softly and avoid playtime to keep your baby calm.

Consistent Sleep Rituals

  • Unified Approach: If more people are helping at night, make sure everyone follows the same bedtime steps.
  • Time It Right: Put your baby to bed when they seem sleepy but are still awake.

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