12 Relationship Troubles That Exist Today

Finding someone special has never been easy. But it can be even harder for people in relationships today. Along with the usual problems, they deal with new challenges that can be really frustrating. Living in the internet and social media era isn’t as great as we might think. Dating, having lots of options, and thinking too much about ourselves can make things much more complicated.

pkdeveloper rounded up 12 issues that basically all couples struggle with today.

1. Spending too much time together

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Just being with someone doesn’t mean you should make them the most important thing in your life and forget about yourself. But sending too many messages and being scared of being alone can make the relationship harder.

Usually, it’s a good idea to spend some time apart when we start getting annoyed with our partner for no reason and when we feel bored.

2. Texting misunderstandings

Some things always stay the same: we understand a lot from how people talk and move, not just the words they say. But because of smartphones, we now spend a lot of time trying to figure out what someone means by looking at one emoji or a short word.

When we need to talk about serious things, texting can make it confusing. It’s better to talk on the phone or in person to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Anxiety about missing ’the right’ partner

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Dating websites can make it tough not to think about all the possible relationships out there. This can make us question if our current partner is the right choice or if we should keep searching for ‘the one.’ Psychologists say it’s better to focus on being the kind of partner you’d like to have.

4. Fear of making decisions

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It’s often tempting to avoid a difficult conversation. Instead of making a choice and taking responsibility, we sometimes just stop talking.

But this can leave couples feeling stuck when they face serious issues, even when making a decision is really important for the relationship.

5. Meddling relatives

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When we’re unsure about our relationship choices, we often ask our family and friends for help. But this can sometimes give them too much say in our relationship.

Remember, our loved ones may not know our partner as well as we do. So, it’s a good idea to trust our own judgment and learn from our own mistakes when it comes to making decisions in our relationship.

6. Going too public on social media

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People on social media often make their relationships look perfect, sharing only the best moments. But this can have a negative impact on us. It can give us unrealistic ideas about our own lives, and we end up posting important moments for everyone to see, which can harm the intimacy.

When you start feeling jealous of other people’s lives online, remember that every relationship is special in its own way. We never really know what goes on behind the scenes of other people’s love stories.

7. The habit of being manipulative

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A lot of us are scared of getting hurt in relationships. So, instead of opening up and sharing our true feelings, we often focus on crafting text messages that hide our emotions. We do this to protect ourselves and sometimes, we don’t let our partner know just how much we really care about them.

In the long run, this approach can distance our loved ones and create more complications. Perhaps it’s a wiser choice to be more transparent about our true intentions.

8. Lack of courage to embrace conflict

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Huge amount of information are circulating through messages, but the most important things usually remain unsaid — especially those that may lead to confrontations. People are more likely to distance themselves from their partners instead of starting a risky conversation, even if it means the end of the relationship.

9. Jealousy caused by social media

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Many apps make it easy for people to cheat, and if our crush likes a picture of someone we don’t know, it can really hurt us. This can create jealousy in a relationship and make us afraid of being betrayed.

But unless we have strong evidence that our partner is cheating, it’s better not to overthink their online actions.

10. Talking about exes

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Many people’s don’t want to keep hearing and talk about their partner’s past relationships,they feel jealous and hurt, but sometimes those old relationships can show up unexpectedly. It’s hard to avoid those talks and seeing an old lover’s profile or thinking about our own past relationships. So, couples might end up talking a lot about their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, and sometimes they realize they feel haven’t fully moved on from those past relationships.

11. Distorted picture of love

Social media can make us think love and ourselves have to be perfect all the time. social media make most relationship good and also bad We often feel like we have to show only the best pictures on our profiles. This can make us believe that relationships are only good if they’re absolutely perfect.

12. Constant pursuit of excitement

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Movies and popular culture often show us that love should always be full of excitement and constant happiness. But, in real life, that exciting feeling usually happens at the start of a relationship, and it’s normal for things to become calmer over time. However, nowadays, many couples lose patience and hope in a relationship as soon as the excitement fades.

“What are the hardest problems you’ve had in your relationships? Have your friends had similar issues? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.”

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