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LED ka फुल फॉर्म Light Emitting Diode  hota है. LED को हिंदी मे प्रकाश उत्सर्जक डायोड कहते है

full form of led

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This is a very basic overview of how a light emitting diode functions.

A light-emitting device (led full form) is a semiconductor that emits light from an electric current. The semiconductor material that contains the current, also known as electrons or holes, produces light.

Solid-state devices are LEDs because light is generated within solid semiconductor materials. Solid-state lighting also includes organic LEDs (OLEDs) and is distinguished from other lighting technologies that use heated filaments (incandescent or tungsten lamps) or gas discharges (fluorescent lamps).

Different colorsThe electrons and holes in the LED’s (led full form) semiconductor material are kept within the energy bands. The bandgap is the process of separating the bands (i.e. The energy of photons (light particles) emitted from the LED is determined by their bandgap.

The wavelength of the emitted sunlight and its color is determined by the photon energy. Different semiconductor materials produce different colors of light due to their different bandgaps. You can adjust the composition of the active region, which is light-emitting or semiconductor material, to change the wavelength.

Compound semiconductor materials are used to make LEDs. These materials are composed of elements from groups III and V of the periodic tables (these are called III-V materials). Commonly used III-V materials to make LEDs include gallium arsenide, GaAs, and gallium phosphide.

LEDs were limited in color options, with a lack of commercially available blue and white LEDs. The invention of LEDs that were based on gallium nitride material (GaN), expanded the color palette and allowed for many new applications.

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Principal LED materials
These are the main semiconductor materials that are used in manufacturing LEDs:

led ka full form

A Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electrical current passes through it. This is possible because electrons from n type semiconductors and holes from p-type silicon combine to create light. The semiconductor material’s bandgap determines the wavelength of light that is emitted. Bandgaps are generally wider for materials with stronger molecular bonding. Aluminium Nitride semiconductors have a wide bandgap.

The LEDs are widely used in electrical equipment as a standard source for light. This versatile device can be used in a variety of ways, from mobile phones to large billboards. They look for applications that display time and different data types. This post will focus on LEDs and their operations and functions.

A light-releasing diode (or light emitting diode) is an electric component that emits light as the current flows through it. It is a light source that uses semiconductors. The electrons that pass through an LED combine with holes to emit light when they are exposed to current. This is a special type of diode with similar characteristics to the p-n junction. An LED blocks current flow in the reverse direction, but allows for the flow of current to flow forward. A weak layer of highly doped semiconductor material is used to build light-emitting diodes. An LED emits a specific color depending on its semiconductor material and doping.

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Light Emitting Diode
led full form in computer

Here is an example of the LED symbol in action. This symbol is very similar to the one used in thep-n junctiondiode. These two symbols are different because the two arrows signify that the diode emits light.Given in the table below are the links related to LED:

Light Emitting Diode Circuit

In cases where the LED is used in conventional circuits, such as a diode, it will also show a drop in voltage. The current, color, and other factors that affect the voltage drop will all influence it. The voltage drop can vary between 1.5V to 2.5V current for 10-50 mA current.

LED Circuit Diagram
full form of led

The valence band contains the holes, and the conduction band houses the free electrons. If there is a forward bias within the p–n junction, an electron that is part of the semiconductor material n would outrun the junction and join the holes in the semiconductor material p. Therefore, regarding the holes, the free electrons would be at the higher energy bands.

Working Of LED
led full form in computer

This figure illustrates the elementary process principle. When a movement of free electrons and holes takes place, there is an energy change as the voltage drops from conduction to valance bands. The electron’s motion causes a release in energy. The release of energy in standard diodes is in the form of heat. LED releases energy as photons, which would produce light energy. This whole process is called electroluminescence and the diodes are known to be light-emitting diodes.

LED uses energy that is emitted in light to form energy gaps. You could alter the wavelength of the produced light. It is impossible to control the wavelength of light emitted. Doping the light with various impurities can determine its wavelength and color.

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There are many applications for LEDs in different fields such as optical communication, alarm and safety systems, remote-controlled operations, robotics and so on. Because of its durability, low power requirements, and quick response time, LEDs are popular in these areas. Below are a few standards LED uses:

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Below is the list of different types of LED that are designed using semiconductors:

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