100+Flowers Name In Hindi-English (फूलों के नाम) | Name Of Flowers List | flowers name in hindi

If you love flowers, I believe you will also enjoy them. Flowers are so beautiful and cute that anyone who sees them will be drawn to them.

Flowers are an important part of our lives. They have different meanings in different areas. If a girlfriend is upset with her lover, flowers will be used there. If your mood is not good, you can visit the flower garden to get your mood back. These flowers are used to honor someone and for decoration at the wedding.

Children in kindergarten through fifth grade often have to name flowers for homework. We often remember the names of the flowers around us. However, if asked to name more flowers, we may not be able to.

Students will have difficulty writing names of flowers in this situation. Today’s competition exam may also ask for the name of flowers.

Presently, Phoolon Ke Naam is difficult to remember as it is not often seen in the surrounding. They are mostly planted in gardens and we can remember their names. Young children are also taught the names of the flowers at school. It is.

The question is, are you sure?Name of flowers in Hindi and English?. It’s not something I think you are aware of. Don’t worry. You can find today’s complete collection of flowers names (Phoolon Ke Naam).

I I will give you all the information regarding the flower’s name. I’ll tell you.English Flowers Name, Hindi Flowers Name Or Name of Flowers (फूलों के नाम). So let’s jump into our main topic

 Flower PictureFlower Name In EnglishFlower Name In Hindi
Rose (रोज)गुलाब (Gulab)
sunflower | all flower nameSunFlower (सनफ्लावर)सूर्यमुखी (Surymukhi)
marigold | flower name in english hindiMarigold (मैरीगोल्ड)गेंदा फूल (Genda Phool)
PansyPansy (पैन्सी)बनफूल (Banphool)
palash | flower's name in hindiPalash (पलाश)पलाश का फूल, ढाक (Palash Ka Phool, Dhak)
oleander | flower nameOleander (ओलिनडर)कनेर (Kaner)
Narcissus | flowerNarcissus (नार्सिसस)नर्गिस (Nargis)
Murraya | flower nameMurraya (मुर्राया)कामिनी (Kamini)
MushroomMushroom (मशरूम)छत्रक, छाता (Chhatrak, Chhata)
motia | flower nameMotia (मोतिया)मोतिया (Motiya)
Mesua FerreaMesua Ferrea (मेसुआ फेर्रा)नाग केसर (Naag Kesar)
lotus | flowers name in english hindiLotus (लोट्स)कमल (Kamal)
lily Lily (लिली)कुमुदनी (Kumudani)
Lady’s slipper orchid | flowerLady’s slipper orchid (लेडी स्लिपर आर्किड)आर्किड फूल (Archid Phool)
jasmine | flower nameJasmine (जास्मीन)चमेली (Chameli), चमेली के फूल (Chameli ke Phool)
Jasmine NightBloomimgJasmine NightBloomimg (नाईट ब्लूमिन्ग)रात-रानी फूल (Raat-Rani Phool)
HollyhockHollyhock (हॉलीहॉक)गुलखैरा (Gilkhaira)
Hiptage | flowers nameHiptage (हिपटेज)माधवी पुष्प (Madhwi Pusp)
hibiscusHibiscus (हाईबिस्कस)गुढल (Gudhal)
frangipani | flowers nameFrangipani, Magnolia (फ्रंगीपानी, मैगनोलिया)चम्पा (Champa)
flax flowerflax flower (फ्लेक्स फ्लावर)सन, पटसन (San, Patsan)
Erythrina | flowerErythrina (एर्य्थिरिना)पारिजात (Parijaat)
daisy | flowers nameDaisy (डेज़ी)गुलबहार (GulBahar)
DahliaDahlia (डेहलिया)सूर्य मुखी कुल का फूल, सूर्य मुखी जैसा फूल (Surya Mukhi)
Daffodil | flower name in english and hindiDaffodil (डैफोडिल)नरगिस (Nargis)
Cypress | flower nameCypress Vine, Star Glory (साईप्रस वाइन, स्टार ग्लोय)कामलता (KaamLata)
cobra safronCobra Saffron (कोबरा सैफरन)नाग चम्पा (Naag champa)
chrysanthemumchrysanthemum (च्र्य्संथेमम)गुलदाउदी (Guldaudi)
Bluestar | flower nameBluestar (ब्लूस्टार)असोनिया (Asoniya)
blue water lilybluewater lily (ब्लूवाटर लिली)नीलकमल (Neelkamal)
balsam | all flower name listBalsam (बाल्साम)गुल मेहँदी (Gul Mehandi)
Arabian jasmine, Jasminum SambacArabian jasmine, Jasminum Sambac (अरबियन जास्मीन, जस्मिनम सम्बक)मोगरा, मल्लिका (Mogra, Mallika)
Anemone |flower nameAnemone (एनेमोन)रत्नज्योति (RatnJyoti)
aconiteAconite (एकोनाईट)कुचला (Kuchla)
Tulip flower nameTulip (ट्यूलिप)कन्द पुष्प (Kand Pushp)
touch me nottouch me not (टच मी नॉट)छुई मुई (chhui mui)
Stramonium | flower name Stramonium (स्ट्रामोनियम)धतुरा (Dhatura)
PrimrosePrimrose (प्रिमरोज)बसन्ती गुलाब (Basanti Gullab)
Prickly PearPrickly Pear (प्रिक्क्ली पीर)नागफनी (NaagFani)
Poppy | flowers namePoppy (पॉपी)खसखस, अफीम (Khaskhas, Afim)
periwinkle flowerPeriwinkle (पेरिविन्कल)सदाबहार (SadaBahar)

Some Important Flowers Name in english| common flower names in hindi :

Flowers Name In Hindiउच्चारणFlowers Name In English
Zinniaज़िन्नियाजीनिया, झिननिया

Phoolon ke Naam ke Saath Unki Jankari in english | About common flowers :

(1) Rose – Rose:-

Rose is a bushy, thorny flowering plant that can live for many years. It produces beautiful, fragrant flowers. It is very attractive. Although its primary color is red, it can also be found in yellow, pink and white. The Government of India declared February 12 as “Rose-Day”. It is considered a form love.

(2) Lotus – Lotus:-

The national flower of India is Lotus. The botanical name for Lotus is Nylumbion nucifera. It’s a plant that blooms large, beautiful flowers. The lotus flower has a pink or white color, and its leaves are nearly shield-like. Lotus This plant can only grow under water.

(3) Magnolia – Champa

Magnolia flower, a plant that grows in a tree, is very attractive and lovely. It is also known as Champa flower (in Hindi). There are more than 200 species of Champa flowers worldwide. Champa flowers are well-known for their beauty and color.

(4) Marigold – Marigold flower:-

Marigold flowers are widely grown in gardens. It is used mainly to decorate weddings, parties, and other places of philosophical significance. Marigold flowers have an aromatic scent, so their perfume is also made. You can find it in many colors, including yellow, red and dark red. It is consumed most often in India, even during times of worship.

(5) Jasmine-Jasmine:-

Jasmine flowers are beautiful and fragrant. They are white in color. Their fragrance is also very good so they make their perfume. Tea can also be made from dried jasmine leaves and flowers. Jasmine flowers can also be used to make garlands. These flowers can also be used for decoration.

(6) Sunflower – Sunflower :-

Sunflower or ‘sunflower’ is an annual plant native to America. It is cultivated in large quantities. Sunflower got its name because wherever the sun is, it keeps bending in that direction. Its tree is 1 m. 5 m from up to high. It has a yellow color. Oil is extracted from the flower to control cholesterol levels.

(7) Daisy – Marguerite Flower :-

Daisy flower is a species of Europe, its scientific name is Bellis perennis. It has more than 4000 species worldwide. In Hindi it is called Gulbahar flower. It usually has white and yellow flowers surrounded by thin, flat petals, its inflorescences are fragrant.

(8) Hibiscus – Hibiscus :-

Hibiscus or Jawakusum is a flowering plant belonging to the Malvaceae family of trees. Its scientific name is Hibiscus rosa sinensis. It has more than 200–220 species worldwide. The color of its petals varies from white to pink, red, yellow or purple depending on the species. In hibiscus flowers, fungicide, emetic, is used to soften the skin.

(9) Lily – Lily :-

Lily flower is very attractive and fragrant. It has more than 100 species around the world. The funnel flowers of lilies are famous for their beauty, aroma and shape. Its name is Kumudni in Hindi language. Mostly they are found in white, pink, red, yellow, and orange colors. It is grown in abundance in India, America, Japan, Canada countries.

(10) Tulip – Tuber flower :-

Tulip is a plant flowering in spring. Tulip flower is beautiful, aromatic and attractive. It is specially used for decoration. It has more than 150 species and when it comes to varieties, it is more than 3000 thousand. Hindi speaking people call it by the name of Kand Pushp.


So, friends, this is a list of names of flowers , where we wrote more than 50 flower’s name in the Hindi and English languages. Additionally, the picture of the flower has also been connected to both sides so that you can readily identify it by looking at the image.

Guys , various types of flowers are found on the planet. And we all know the name of a number of those flowers but there are a few flowers which we don’t know about. We hear the names of these blossoms nor have we noticed them.

That is since there are some flowers which are famous all around the world and are found everywhere. However, in addition, there are some flowers which are found only in particular places, perhaps they are not so popular here. But the name of some flowers will also be seen that you will be visiting for the very first time.

I hope you liked this post about the name of the flower (flower name), phoolon ke nam, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 Flowers name list. This post will give you both the English and Hindi names of the flowers, as well as a photograph of each flower. As we all know, flowers are very useful and should be known.Names and benefits of flowers(फूलो के नाम).

(तो, दोस्तों, यह सभी फूलों के नामों की एक सूची थी, Jisme हमने हिंदी और english दोनों भाषाओं mai 100 से अधिक फूलों ke नाम likhe थे। साथ hi, उस फूल ki छवि को bhi किनारे से jodaa गया है ताकि Aap छवि को देखकर इसे आसानी से पहचान sake

तो अब Aapko बच्चों को गृह कार्य mai फूलों का नाम (Phoolon Ke Name 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50) लिखने को दिया जाता है tho आप हमारे issh लेख की help से मदद से उन्हें bata सकते हैं

तो agar आपको आज का hamara लेख फूलों के नाम pasand आया है तो इसे jayda से ज्यादा logo तक पहुंचाएं और फ्यूचर में ऐसी hi एजुकेशनल कॉन्टेंट के liye आज ही  hamare ब्लॉक को सब्सक्राइब kar ले या फिर इसे बुकमार्क कर ले धन्यवाद)

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