ASP full form | What is the full form of ASP?

Active Server Page: ASP in IT

ASP stands for Active Server Page. Microsoft created ASP to enable programmers to create dynamic websites. It was the first server-side script engine, and has now been superseded ASP.NET.

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ASP in Police: Assistant superintendent of Police

Assistant Superintendent of Police is the full name of ASP in Police Sector. The Hindi full form of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) is Assistant Superintendent of police. ASP is a rank that is used by Indian police forces. The officer who holds this rank is from Indian Police Service (IPS). All IPS officers start their careers as Assistant superintendents of police (ASP). This rank is not available to state cadre officers. This rank is equivalent to the rank of Deputy Inspector of Police (DSP).

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ASP: Application Service provider

The full form is here Active Server Pages. ASP is a server-side Web building scripting engine. It’s a page that includes embedded programming. The programs are being executed on the Windows server. The ASP server-side engine interprets and executes the ASP document, and then returns it to the user. It is basically a web-based platform for creating dynamic web pages for programmers. ASP will include both scripts as well as standard HTML.

A brief history of ASP

  • ASP was originally implemented in IIS (Internet Information Services). 3.0 in December 1996.
  • In 1997 and 2000, the models were renamed ASP 2.0 and ASP3.0.
  • ASP 3.0 has some additional features that have improved its efficiency.
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What is Application Service Provider (ASP) - ERP Information

Applications of ASP

  • HTML modes were sent to the system by ASP’s approved query.
  • ASP is simple and can be used at a high speed, unlike CGI and Perl.
  • ASP script is encrypted in the browser. This makes it secure and impossible to access.
  • ASP can modify the content of a web page by adding additional information.
  • ASP allows access to all information forms and will report back to the user.

Benefits of ASP

  • ASP reduces the code lines required to create complex functions.
  • Smart caching systems are available.
  • can be encoded in any language, regardless of its language.
  • runs much faster than other programs.
  • is a popular term in today’s world.

Limitations to ASP

  • The pages are full of ambiguity and some qualitative issues.
  • Everything depends on IIS (Internet Information Services), and it is therefore problematic.
  • It has limited resources for development and debugging
  • ASP is not under the control of any state.

Other forms of ASP

Full FormCategory
Active Server PagesProgramming Languages
Answer Set ProgrammingProgramming and Development
Aspartic acidChemistry
Application Service ProviderInformation Technology
Association of Surfing ProfessionalsWater Sports
Active Signaling ProtocolTelecommunication
Advanced Systems ProtocolNetworking
Advanced Simple ProfileNetworking
Aspect Language Script File (procomm Plus)Type of file
Association of Shareware Professionals NoteType of file
Another script programSoftware
Atari Software PiratesSoftware
Association of Software ProfessionalsSoftware
ASPARIIndian Railway Station
Analog Signal ProcessingElectronics
Photo of Age SexMessaging
Attitude Sensor PackageSpace Science
Accredited Staging ProfessionalJob Title
Alice SpringsAirport Code
Auxiliary Storage PoolComputer Hardware
Atm Switch ProcessorComputer Hardware
Advanced Spectroscopic PortalPhysics related
Average Sales PriceReal Estate
Ammunition Supply PointMilitary and Defence
Annual Service PracticeMilitary and Defence
All-Source ProductionMilitary and Defence

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