Wreath: Definition, Meaning, Examples, Usage In Sentences, Synonyms

Wreath Definition

A “wreath” is like a round decoration made of flowers, leaves, or other pretty things. People use it to make doors or walls look nice. It’s also used to show honor or remember important times. You often see wreaths during celebrations and holidays.

Wreath Meaning

A “wreath” is a circular arrangement of flowers, leaves, branches, or other decorative items, often used as a decoration for doors, walls, or as a symbol of honor or remembrance. Wreaths are commonly associated with celebrations, holidays, and ceremonies. They can be made from various materials and have cultural and symbolic significance in different contexts.


  1. During the holiday season, many people hang a festive wreath on their front door to welcome guests.
  2. The soldier received a wreath as a symbol of honor for their bravery and service to the country.
  3. The wedding venue was beautifully decorated with flower wreaths that added a touch of elegance to the atmosphere.
  4. As a tribute to the fallen heroes, a wreath-laying ceremony was held at the memorial site.
  5. The craft fair had a booth where people could make their own wreaths using various types of foliage and ribbons.
  6. The door of the cozy cottage was adorned with a rustic wreath made of twigs and pine cones.
  7. During the ancient Roman times, wreaths were often worn on the head as a sign of victory or accomplishment.
  8. The church’s entrance was adorned with a colorful Easter wreath, symbolizing renewal and new beginnings.
  9. As part of the holiday tradition, the family gathered to make a wreath together, sharing stories and laughter.
  10. The art gallery displayed a unique wreath made entirely of recycled materials, highlighting creativity and sustainability.

Usage In Sentences

  1. The scent of pine filled the air as we hung a fragrant wreath on our front door for the holidays.
  2. The school organized a wreath-making workshop where students could craft their own personalized decorations.
  3. The town’s war memorial was adorned with wreaths of poppies in honor of Remembrance Day.
  4. The bride walked down the aisle carrying a delicate floral wreath instead of a traditional bouquet.
  5. Every year, our family participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at the local cemetery to remember our ancestors.
  6. The art exhibit featured an installation of intertwined branches and leaves forming a large circular wreath.
  7. The community center hosted a crafting event for children, teaching them how to create miniature wreaths.
  8. A beautiful wreath made of seashells and driftwood captured the coastal theme of the beachside wedding.
  9. The tradition of hanging a wreath on the door dates back to ancient times as a symbol of protection and welcome.
  10. The Christmas market displayed an array of wreaths, each with its unique design and holiday charm.


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