What password is on my SBI credit card statement?

how to open sbi credit card statement pdf password

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The State Bank of India offers a variety of credit cards to its customers. This article is important for anyone who has an SBI credit card. Every month, SBI sends a credit card to all email addresses after the bill has been generated. To access the E-statement password, your SBI card statement must be password protected. This guide will show you how to access your old SBI card Statement and what my sbi credit card statement password is.

To open the PDF file of the SBI Card statement PDF, you need to use a particular format. To get your password, you must enter this format correctly.

SBI may change this format from time to time. This is outlined in the Email that you received along with your monthly statement attachment.

Below is the latest format for SBI credit card statement password

The password’s first eight characters represent your date of birth in DDMMYYYYYYY. The last four characters are your SBI card numbers last four numbers.

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For example, if your birth date is 1. May 1980The last four digits are the SBI credit card number.1234The password to unlock the SBI card E-statement password is010519801234.

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How to open an old SBI card statement

The previous password format for SBI was as follows:

To open the PDF of the SBI card statement PDF, you will need a password16-digit primary card number.

How to download the SBI credit card statement

Download any credit card statement you have previously received from SBI card App and SBI Card Website.

You can download PDF files from SBI Card App without requiring a password.

A PDF E-statement can also be downloaded from the SBi card website without the need for a password.

sbi credit card statement password
  1. Your statement should not be shared with anyone. You can delete the password from your statement and share it with someone else.
  2. Always access your statement via the official SBI card app and website. Never open suspicious mail asking for the statement. SBI will never ask you for your statement.
  3. If someone calls you, or you receive a message asking for such information, do not give OTP, CVV, or card details.


To open the E-statement, you must know your sbi credit card statement password. We have shown the sbi credit card statement password format in this guide. You will need the old password format, which we discussed in this article, to open the old statements. We are happy to answer any questions or clarifications regarding the information in this article. We are always happy to assist?

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The Key Features of the SBI SimplySAVE Credit card

Rewarding You with BonusesSpend Rs. to get 2,000 bonus reward point 2,00 in the first 60 Days of card issuance

Reward Program

  • 1 Reward Point for every Rs. 100 spent
  • Reward Points of 10X on Movies, Grocery, Departmental Stores, and Dining
  • 4 Reward Points = Redeemable

Annual Fee ReversalSpend Rs. Spend Rs. 1 lakh or more per year to get an annual fee reversal for the following year

Fuel Surcharge WaiverMaximum Rs. 100 per statement cycle. 100 per statement cycle

Additional SBI Card BenefitsFlexipay, Easy bill Pay, Balance Transfer, and other benefits are available

Who should receive this card?

Because of its simplicity, SBI Simply SAVE is one of the most sought-after SBI Cards. This credit card is for you if:

  • Credit card beginners are you
  • Credit cards are not for additional spending power.
  • You’d like to earn rewards for your shopping purchases
  • You don’t want to pay an excessive annual fee

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SBI SimplyCLICK Credit card: Key Features

Welcoming Gift Rs. Amazon: 500-value e-gift cards

Reward Points1 Reward Point for every Rs. 100 spent

Additional Rewards for Online ShoppingExclusive partners earn 10X points when you shop online

Milestone Benefits –Spend Rs. Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh to receive an e-voucher worth Rs. Each 2,000

Annual Fee ReversalSpend Rs. Spend Rs. 1 lakh per year to get your annual fee reversed for the following year

Contactless Payments To make a payment of Rs., simply wave your card at a secure reader. 2500

Who should receive this card?

SBI simply click is another starter card that’s better suited to those who:

  • Do you like to shop online?
  • A low annual fee card is available
  • Credit cards allow you to make multiple monthly expenses
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sbi card statement password

SBI Card PRIME: Key Features

Welcoming Gift E-gift voucher worth Rs. Redeemable at Bata/Hush Puppies Marks and Spencer, Pantaloons Shoppers Stop and Yatra.com

Reward Points

  • 2 Reward Points per Rs. 100 on retail shopping
  • Standing instruction: 10X points for Utility Bill Payments

Milestone Benefits Pizza Hut eVoucher worth Rs. 1000 on Spending Rs. 50,000 in a quarter

Hotel PrivilegesComplementary Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership With 1,000 Welcome Points

Insurance coverageComplementary Air Accident Liability Insurance Cover of Rs. 50 lakh, and Fraud Liability Insurance of Rs. 1 lakh

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Travel Benefit-Complimentary Club Vistara Gold Membership with 1 upgrade voucher

Lounge Access-

  • Maximum 4 visits free 4 free visits (maximum 2 per quarter) to international lounges when you sign up for Priority Pass membership
  • 8 free visits to domestic lounges per year

Who should receive this card?

SBI Card PRIME Card is a rewards credit card. It is suitable for people who have significant expenses and want to make the most of its rewards program. If you meet the following criteria, you should apply for SBI PRIME Card:

  • Would you like to receive a free membership to Club Vistara or Priority Pass?
  • Credit cards are used primarily for grocery, departmental and restaurant purchases.
  • If you have a limited amount of travel expenses in a given year, but still want to save money.

What password is on my SBI credit card statement? in this post, you learn about sbi credit card statement password it in this blog you are learning about sbi card statement password, how to open sbi credit card statement pdf password. You got all information in this blog, sbi credit card statement pdf password, sbi credit card statement password format. I hope you got a lot of information from this blog. cheers!

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