What is the full form of RAC ? | Full form of RAC

full-Form RAC in Railway Reservation Against Cancellation

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation in Indian Railway. If a passenger cancels his confirmed ticket, your ticket will be confirmed.

Two passages can be allotted to one birth under RAC. Two passengers can use the side seat lower to travel and sit.

An RAC ticket can be used to board a train. There is one problem: you must share your birth with another passenger.

TTE will confirm your berth or give the confirmation to the passenger who is traveling with you. If there are no berths, they will be filled.

You can get the following three types of tickets if you reserve a ticket in Indian Railways

  • Confirm your ticket
  • RAC ticket
  • Waiting List for Ticket

You can travel on the train with RAC and confirmed tickets.

Questions Important to RAC-

RAC tickets are Confirm Ticket or not?

Yes, RAC tickets are confirm tickets, but in partial manner. The Berth number and Bogie numbers are required to legally board the train.

What time is the RAC ticket issued

RAC tickets are only available in trains that have a quota. They are not given until the general quota is exhausted and the waiting list has started.

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What trains are subject to a RAC quota

Almost all express and mail trains have RAC quota. Except for Jan Shatabdi Express and Shatabdi Express trains, nearly all trains have RAC quota.

What are the benefits of RAC Ticket tickets?

A RAC ticket gives you the best option: You can board the train with it.

You can’t travel on a train that has waiting lists tickets, because you already know this.

If you travel on a train with a RAC card, you have a good chance of getting a confirmed berth. This depends on TTE finding a vacant seat somewhere.

If you don’t have a confirmed travel plan, a RAC ticket will make your trip more enjoyable.
You can travel if your ticket is valid. However, RAC has a lower cancellation fee.

Even after chart preparation, you can cancel your RAC tickets and there is a Rs 60 cancellation fee.

What are the drawbacks to RAC Ticket tickets?

These are the drawbacks to RAC train tickets:

  • Are you unsure if you can get the full Berth?
  • You must pay the full fare
  • Cancellation rules are strictly enforced.

Cancellation Rule for RAC Ticket

Even after completion of the final chart, you can cancel your RAC tickets.
You can decide to not travel if your ticket status is not changed by Arya even after the final chart has been created.
You can cancel your ticket. Your RAC ticket can be cancelled up to half an hour prior to the train’s scheduled departure.

Cancellation charges for RAC Ticket Tickets

The cancellation fee for RAC tickets is Rs 60 per passenger
If you wish to cancel your RAC tickets, you will need to pay Rs 60 per passenger in AC or Sleeper.

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What is the maximum time that the Status of RAC tickets can be changed?

Indian Railways requires chart preparation 4 hours prior to the train’s scheduled departure.

If your ticket status is RAC, you can change it until the final chart preparation (4 hours before the train’s scheduled departure).

If you choose to travel with a RAC Ticket, then a TTE can confirm your tickets if he finds an empty seat.

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