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IPL: Indian Premier League

IPL stands for Indian Premier League. The Indian Premier League is a Twenty-20 Cricket tournament.

The Board of Control of Cricket in India, also known as BCCI, organizes and organizes the Indian Premier League.

In 2008, BCCI was established. Every year, the Indian premier league is held in India. Twenty-20 cricket matches are played for a semi final. The finale match determines the winner.

IPL teams are formed through the auctioning of cricketers. The 18 th April 2008 was the first day of IPL. Rajasthan Royals won the first IPL season.


The Indian Premier League is played not only by Indian cricketers, but also allows foreign players to participate in the tournament. IPL teams are made up of players from both India and overseas.

Each team in IPL plays at least twice against the other, so each team must play 14 matches to qualify for the semi-final. Each match earns points and runs rates which determine four semi-finalists in IPL.

The IPL is a Twenty-20 professional cricket league. It is held every year from March to May. This tournament is played every year by eight teams from eight different Indian states.

IPL’s history

In 2007, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) created the Indian Premier League. This league also manages IPL each year.

Indian premier league was created to attract a new generation of sports enthusiasts in the ground. BCCI launched a Twenty-0 cricket competition and tournament that was franchise-based, naming it Indian Premier League. It took place on 13 September 2007.

IPL was first held in April 2008 in New Delhi as a high-profile ceremony. Lalit Modi, vice president of BCCI, is known as the mastermind behind IPL. He designed the IPL tournament’s format and prize money, squad composition rules, franchise revenue system and other details.

A seven-man governing board, including ex-BCCI officials and former Indian players, will also be responsible for the management of IPL.

The Indian premier league was very similar to other premier leagues, such as the NBA in the United States and England.

The announcement was made on 14 th June 2015 that the inaugural champion Rajasthan Royals and two time winner champion Chennai Super Kings would be suspended from IPL for two seasons due to their involvement in a match fixing and betting scandal.

In an auction on 8 December 2015, it was revealed in which Pune and Rajkot were to replace the Chennai super kings (and Rajasthan Royals) for these two seasons. Rising Pune Supergiant was the new team, while the Gujarat Lions were the new one.

IPL Rules

These are some important rules to consider when forming an IPL team.

  • Each IPL team can have a maximum of four international players in its eleven playing squads.
  • Local Indian players are not allowed to play in the same team’s quota.
  • Each IPL team must have at least 16 players
  • The IPL is open to cricket players who have played both List A and first-class cricket.
  • Because the IPL games are played on television, there is no time limit for teams to complete their innings.

IPL Prize

Four teams that qualify for IPL Semi Final play for the final.

The Indian Premier League trophy is awarded to the winning team.

Prize money winners teams must distribute half the money to players.

The IPL winner receives around 200 million INR in prize money.

The INR 125million and INR 80million respectively are the prizes for the first and second runners-up teams.

FAQs about IPL

What teams are in the IPL?

Although IPL teams may change every year, these teams have always played Indian premier league.

  1. Rajasthan Royals
  2. Chennai Super Kings ( CSS).
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders
  4. Mumbai Indians ( MI).
  5. Deccan Chargers
  6. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  7. Rising Pune
  8. Royal challenger Bengaluru
  9. Capital of Delhi
  10. Kings XI Punjab

Which teams are the winners of IPL?

These are the winning IPL teams up to 2020

2008Rajasthan Royals
2009Deccan Chargers
2010Chennai Super Kings
2011Chennai Super Kings
2012Kolkata Knight Riders
2013Mumbai Indians
2014Kolkata Knight Riders
2015Mumbai Indians
2016Sunrisers Hyderabad
2017Mumbai Indians
2018Chennai Super Kings
2019Mumbai Indians
2020Mumbai Indians

Here are some interesting facts about IPL-

  • Indian bowler Amit Misra holds the record for taking the most IPL hat-tricks. He has done it three times.
  • KL Rahul of India is the record holder for fastest and most century runs. He scored 50 runs in just 14 balls.
    Chris Gayle holds the record for the fastest century, scoring a century in just 30 balls.
  • You can see that BCCI sold TV rights in 2018 for over 16 million crores rupees.
  • Bengaluru holds the record for scoring the most runs during an IPL match. It has scored 265 runs in 20 Overs.

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