What is the full form of IAS ? | full form of IAS

IAS is one the most prestigious and highly respected positions in India.

Millions of students dream about working in India as an IAS officer, but very few achieve this goal.

This is the highest position in India for a government or administrative job. People get a high salary and a lot respect.IAS full form

To become an IAS, one has to track the UPSC (civil services) exam and only the students who get the best rank in UPSC get IAS post.

After a few years, an IAS officer is designated as a District Collector or Magistrate in a district.

IAS officers directly participate in the making of law for the people. It is their responsibility to implement the laws in the district.
People who want to make a difference in the lives of others and for society should consider becoming IAS officers.

IAS History

The IAS has a long history. It was established by the British in 1858, as the Imperial Civil Service.
It was renamed Indian Administrative Services in 1950 after independence.

  • Indian students who have completed graduation in any discipline may appear for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. This exam will be held for IAS and 24 other posts.
  • Minimum 21 years of age and maximum 32 years are required. Age relaxations of 3 to 5 years have been allowed for different classes.
  • A student belonging to a general category may apply up to six times.
    OBC students are allowed to return 9 times, and SC-ST students have no restrictions.
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These are the steps to follow when taking UPSC’s IAS exam.

  1. Preliminary
  2. Mains exam
  3. Interview

Service over Years                                                                                Posts

No. No.District AdministrationState SecretariatCentral Secretariat
1-4Sub-divisional magistrateUndersecretaryAssistant Secretary
5-8Additional district magistrateDeputy SecretaryUndersecretary
8-12District magistrateJoint SecretaryDeputy Secretary
13-16District magistrateSpecial secretary-cum-directorDirector
16-24Divisional commissionerSecretary-cum-commissionerJoint Secretary
25-30Divisional commissionerPrincipal SecretaryAdditional secretary
30-33No Equivalent RankAdditional Chief SecretaryNo Equivalent Rank
34-36No Equivalent RankChief SecretarySecretary
37+No Equivalent RankNo Equivalent RankCabinet Secretary of India

IAS job is considered royal as it offers a lot of benefits and a high salary.

IAS Facilities

A few of the most important facilities that an Indian Administrative Services officer can access are:

  • Bungalow with maid, gardener, and security
  • Transport-car with driver
  • All bills, including water, electricity and Mobile
  • Pension- lifetime pension after retirement
  • Family trips to India and abroad – Trips for free

The IAS post is the most important job in any case. There is also a lot to do.

Some of the most important responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the administration of the district
  • Assist the Government in its daily operations.
  • Respect the law and maintain order in his work area
  • As a collector, you can collect government revenue
  • Recurses and distribution of funds for the implementation of Policies
  • Assisting the government and making policies for the people
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What salary does an IAS officer earn?

The salary of an IAS officer starts at Rs 56100 in the beginning, but it increases as the job progresses.
Additional benefits are available above the basic salary, such as TA and HRA.

So if someone joins as an IAS officer right now, they will get an initial salary above Rs 100000 in hand.

IAS officers also receive good salary increases and post-increment. If an IAS officer has more than 30 years of experience, his basic salary will be above two lakhs following the implementations of the Seventh Pay Commission.

There are other famous full forms IAS

IAS- International Accounting Standards Accounting and Business
IAS- International Approval Services In terms of International Business
IAS-Institute for advanced studies– In terms of University
IAS- Internet authentication Service – Internet security terms











Note: The above-mentioned points should motivate you to target IAS but the main motivation should come from the heart to serve the nation. Once you are sure to be in the Indian administration to bring positive changes to the society, you surely will get the right motivation to sit for the examination with full dedication.

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