What is the full form of Gmail ? | Full form of GMAIL IN HINDI

Gmail: Google Mail

oday every person in the world who uses the internet, who has a mobile or computer, uses Gmail.

Gmail has over 1.5 billion users worldwide. And more than 3 billion emails are sent and received every day.

Android, which is the world’s largest mobile operating system, is also a product of Google.

If you login to your Gmail account on Android, you will not need to create a new account on Android,

And you can take benefits of Google services like Google Drive, Google Translation, Google voice typing, etc.

History of Gmail

Gmail was launched on 1 April 2004 by Paul Buchheit, a Google employee.

Gmail has been trying to make itself more user friendly over time.

Under this, the mobile app of Gmail was launched, and today almost every person in the world has a Gmail app on mobile.

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Why is Gmail so famous?

Gmail is the most popular and most used free email service in the world and there are many good reasons, due to which Gmail is so much famous, some of which are the following.

1. User-friendly interface

Gmail’s interface is the most user friendly, and any new user who logs in to Gmail for the first time can access the mail without any confusion.

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The research and development team of Gmail is very good, which cares for every user, and you will see that if you are having a problem using a function, then it is quickly rectified by Google.

In Gmail, you can keep your inbox in different folders using the tabs option, it makes it very easy to find your required mail from many mails.

2. Most Storage

Gmail provides up to 15gb of free storage to every user, which is more than any other free email service provider.

When Gmail was launched, every user got 1GB of free storage, but over time it was increased to 15gb, which is too much for any normal user.

And if someone wants to use more storage than this, then he can also buy the premium service provided by Gmail at a very low price.

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3. large attachment size

When you are sending an email on Gmail, you are given the facility to attach the largest file.
You can attach files up to 50MB
If any of your files will be larger than this, then you can match it with the help of Google Drive.

4. Having advanced security features

Gmail is equipped with the most advanced security features, and keeps itself more secure over time.

Today when we receive an email, Gmail first scans it to prevent any kind of viruses or other threats, and lets us access that mail only if everything is fine.

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5. Gmail is Available in Many Languages

Whether you live in any part of the world, and you have knowledge of the English language or not, you can take advantage of Gmail service
Gmail is available in almost all famous languages of the world.

There are some languages like Hindi, German, French, Russian etc. which are used by a large population of the world, and most of these people do not have the right knowledge of English.

So Gmail service is proving to be very beneficial for them, because they are taking advantage of Gmail service in their local language, and are moving forward in various fields.

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Other benefits of GMAIL- 

  • On Gmail, you have the facility of sending 500 emails every day, which is enough for any normal user or small business.
  • On Gmail, you can use custom domain email ID for a very low charge.
  • You can access the email of any email service provider on the Gmail mobile app.

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