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Definition:Tribal Sub-Plan
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What does TSP mean?

Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) is a strategic policy initiative designed to secure the overall development of scheduled tribes of India.

Tribal Sub Plan

The 5th Five-year Plan (1975-1979) included a special strategy for the accelerated development and preservation of Scheduled Tribes. This strategy is known as the Tribal Sub-plan. This is a mechanism that requires each state government development department to set aside an amount of their budget for implementation of schemes for the Welfare of Scheduled Tribes of Tripura. The State’s ST population must be included in the calculation.

Each development Department in Tripura must allocate at least 31% of its plan funds towards Tribal Sub-Plan. The State Government made an important decision in 1995-96 that the Tribal Sub-Plan fund should be included in the Tribal Welfare Department’s Budget Demand (under Demand No-19).

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