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Definition:Personal Protective Equipment
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What is personal protective gear?

Personal protective equipment (also known as “PPE”) is equipment that protects employees from serious workplace injuries or illnesses. These illnesses and injuries can be caused by contact with radiological, radiological or physical, electrical, or mechanical hazards at work. Personal protective equipment can include gloves, safety glasses, shoes, earplugs, respirators, hard hats, coveralls, vests, and full body suits.

What can you do to ensure that personal protective equipment is properly used?

Personal protective equipment must be safe designed and constructed. It should also be kept clean and reliable. It should be comfortable to wear, which encourages worker use. It can be the difference between being covered and exposed if it is not properly fitted. Employers must ensure that personal protective equipment is provided to workers when engineering, work practice, or administrative controls do not allow for adequate protection. Every worker who requires personal protective equipment must be trained by the employer.

  • If it is absolutely necessary
  • Which type is required?
  • How to put it on, adjust it, wear it, and then take it off
  • Limitations of the equipment
  • Proper maintenance, care, use, and disposal
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A PPE program must be established if PPE is to ever be used. The program should address hazards, the selection, maintenance and use of PPE, training employees, and monitoring the program to ensure its continued effectiveness.

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