What does PDO mean?

PHP Data Objects (PDO), a lightweight way to access data from PHP databases, is available. PDO offers a data-access abstraction layer. This means that you can use the same functions to query and fetch data regardless of what database you are using. PDO makes it possible to query, retrieve and access many different databases.

PDO Advantage

PDO allows you to access multiple objects, and it also retrieves prepared statements which make your work easier. It is a database access tool in PHP through which we enable uniform access across several databases.7.4M182Features of Java – Javatpoint

Develop PHP Dynamic CRUD system with PDO (PHP Data Object) - RAKEPOINT

PDO allows for seamless switching between different platforms and databases. This can easily be done by changing the connection string. It doesn’t support database-specific syntaxes.

PDO has some benefits, as follows:

Support for databases

Any database that is designed for PDO drivers can be accessed by the PDO extension. There are many PDO drivers that can be used.FreeTDS, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase, IBM DB2, Oracle Call Interface. Firebird/Interbase 6.AndPostgreSQLDatabases, among others.Drivers are not always available in all systems automatically. We need to search for them and add them when we need them.

Connect to the database

There are many syntaxes that can be used to establish a database connection. These syntaxes are dependent on the specific database. PDO operations should be wrapped in try/catch block and used the exception technique.
Most connections only require one connection to be created. These connections can then be closed by programming the database so that it sets as a null.

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PHP data Type

Error handling

PDO allows exceptions to be used for error handling. PDO can be forced to use a specific error mode attribute in order to produce an exception.
There are three possible error modes:Silence(default)Warn!AndException. DRY programming is more efficient when warning and exception are used.

  • SilenceIt is a default error mode.
  • Warn!It’s useful for debugging.
  • Exception– This mode allows for graceful error handling and hides data that could be used to exploit your system.

Insert and Update

PDO makes it possible to reduce the insert and update database operations into just two steps.
Prepare >> [Bind]> Execute.
This method allows us to take full advantage PDO’s prepared statement, which protect against SQL injection attacks.
Pre-compiled SQL statements can be sent to the server multiple times with prepared statements. This data is protected automatically from SQL injection attacks because it is contained within the placeholder.

PDO has many benefits

PDO is the native data driver. Below are some of the benefits to using PDO:

  • Useability-It has many functions that can be used to automate routine operations.
  • Reusability-It provides a unified API that allows you to access multiple databases.
  • Security-It protects against SQL injection by using a prepared statement. Pre-compiled SQL statements that are separated from the data by a prepared statement.

PDO Classes

Below are the three PDO classes:

  • PDOIt is a connection between PHP, the database.
  • PDOStatementIt is the prepared statement. After execution, it sets the associated result.
  • PDOException– This is a result of errors made by PDO.
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Databases that are supported by PDO

  1. MySQL
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. Oracle
  4. Firebird
  5. MS SQL Server
  6. Sybase
  7. Informix
  8. IBM
  9. TDS Free
  10. SQLite
  11. Cubrid
  12. 4D

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is the full definition of PDO?

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