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Use Original Content is Important

Original content is an essential component of a digital marketing campaign in today’s digitally-charged environment. It increases your search engine rankings, and online visibility. This type of content can also improve your brand’s reputation online and make you an authoritative source of information in your industry.

This has been especially true since Google came out with the Hummingbird update, which favors semantically sensible content over websites that have tried to “rig” the system with keyword spinning and duplicate content.

Your audience also values creativity and effort. They will notice original content that is relevant and interesting to their interests. In fact, 78% of consumers will believe that you’re interested in building a good relationship with them when they see custom content vs. generic information.

What does ‘Original” really mean?

Original content is anything that has not been published elsewhere online. Original content is now a valued commodity in digital marketing. This was after search engine algorithms got more sophisticated and began to favor quality content over sites that spam the system with keywords. It is unique if it passes a plagiarism test and there is no similar content online.

A page with shady backlinks and strategic keywords can no longer sneak its way into the top results. These pages were frustrating to users because they didn’t provide enough quality information. It was difficult to find reliable sources. Search engines have raised the standards of ranking higher for queries. If you have duplicate content, or blogs full of keyword stuffing, you will be penalized and moved down the list.

Marketers are taking notice of this and helping clients to update old websites to comply with today’s advanced SEO standards. This strategy is crucial in replacing stale content by something more valuable.

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But What Type of Content?

According to HubSpot, the three most engaging content types on social media are articles, images, and video. Your organization’s uniqueness and the interests of your target market will determine what type of content you choose. If you’re a furniture company that ships unassembled products to customers, infographics and videos on your website would be extremely valuable.

Video tours of new listings can be very popular with real estate agents. Blogs about more detailed matters such as how to prepare your house for selling are also popular. Depending on what type of information you wish to share, there are different media options that will work for you and your audience. Consult a digital marketing agency for help in defining your audience and creating a content plan.

Why original content is important

Original content is essential because it will make you look professional online. Imagine an old HTML website that has a lot of keywords at the bottom and flame script word art above. Imagine a website that is sleek and easy to navigate, with valuable information that sounds real. Which website is more likely to win your trust?

You can tell the difference between websites with good content and those that are not. Your audience will notice this distinction if you attempt to “cheat” your way up by creating rushed, keyword-stuffed content. Search engines have begun to remove bad information from the top results. You can rise above these algorithms by creating original, thoughtful content that is shareable.

Google, the largest search engine in the world, is also a fan of original content. It considers it a factor in determining a website’s credibility. This increases a website’s chances of being ranked higher in search engine results for the keyword in the text. Original, relevant content is essential if you want to be found. Here are some other reasons you should have great content on your website or social media.

1. Greater Credibility = More Business

You’ll see more leads, subscriptions and interest in your business if you have the right strategy and content. Customers want to work with someone who is knowledgeable about their business. This is a common theme in all businesses. Your content will answer their questions online and you can be the person they turn to for help.

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Imagine a customer that needs to repair their porch. They start by searching online for details and costs. They come across a blog that provides detailed information on the subject. It happens to be your website. Guess who they are calling?

You can become an expert in your field by publishing only one piece at a time. Continue to answer the questions of your customers and offer solutions.

2. It is less expensive, but it is more efficient

According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing and can generate up to 3x more leads. You don’t need to spend as much on intrusive marketing methods such as TV ads and radio advertisements. Instead, you can create content that your customers want.

3. You Can Earn More Backlinks

It’s possible that other blogs will start linking to your website as your content becomes more authoritative online. Search engines like Google take into account the credibility of any person who links to you as a source. You can earn valuable backlinks from other authoritative websites if you produce original, quality content. This can help you climb to the top of search results.

Although it may take some time, your content and SEO strategy can make a difference in your online reputation and help you create great content. Don’t worry if you are starting at the bottom. There are quite a few methods to get backlinks even if nobody knows who you are, and they are all doable with effort and consistency.

3. You Can Get Social Media Shares

Your online visibility will increase if your original content is shared via social media. SEO favors content and social sharing, along with other components such as semantic keywords. This makes it easy to create great content that is shareable.

Are you looking to make a difference and become the next shareable article owner? Or do you just click “share” on blogs that are cool to save time? It is a great idea to experience the excitement of your content being shared online.

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4. Increase Website Traffic

A higher exposure and better SERP results means that your brand will be seen more often on social media, query results and in backlinks. You increase the likelihood that users will visit your website for every time you present it to them.

5. 5.Great Content doesn’t just happen.

Shares are often triggered by great content. You’ll get more comments from people if your content is shared enough. This allows you to interact with more people. Google’s algorithms love sharing social media content, so it is a win-win for both sides.

You don’t have to scroll through 10 slides full of ads to see the “conclusion” of a story that’s been repeated ten times. You’ll reap the benefits of human interaction and search engine perks if you make your content shareable.

According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers publish at least one piece of new content daily. This frequency is not random. The web crawlers love to find new content and, over time, it is likely that your rankings will improve.

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