What does ditto mean? Definition & Meaning and example

Ditto Meaning

What Does Ditto Mean?

The internet slang term “ditto” means the same, also, me too or I agree with you.

Origin of Ditto

The word “ditto” has an interesting origin that dates back to the 17th century. It is derived from the Italian word “ditto,” which means “said” or “the same.” The Italian word itself comes from the Latin word “dictus,” which means “having been said” or “spoken.”

what does ditto mean in a relationship?

In a relationship, “ditto” can be used to mean a few different things. It can be used to express agreement, to show that you feel the same way as the other person, or to simply avoid repeating yourself.

For example, if your partner says “I love you,” you could say “ditto” to express your love for them in return. Or, if your partner says they are hungry, you could say “ditto” to let them know that you are also hungry.

Alternatives to “Ditto”

Some things you could use in place of “ditto” in all forms of your communication to mean the same thing include:

  • also
  • too
  • I agree

how to pronounce ditto

The word “ditto” is pronounced as:


Here’s a phonetic breakdown to help you:

  • “d” sounds like the “d” in “dog.”
  • “i” sounds like the “i” in “sit.”
  • “t” sounds like the “t” in “top.”
  • “to” sounds like the “toe” in “toe.”
  • The final “o” sounds like the “o” in “go.”

Ditto In A Sentence

  1. When Jane complimented his cooking skills, he smiled and said, “Ditto,” indicating he appreciated her cooking as well.
  2. “Your enthusiasm for hiking is contagious,” Mark exclaimed, and Sarah responded with a playful “Ditto!”.
  3. After a long day of work, Alex expressed his exhaustion, and his coworker replied with a sympathetic “Ditto, it’s been a tough one.”
  4. Laura recommended the new book to her friend, and her friend’s response was a quick “Ditto, I’ve heard great things about it.”
  5. During their romantic dinner, Emma shared her feelings for Ethan, who grinned and replied, “Ditto, I’ve fallen for you too.”
  6. Tom’s statement that the concert was amazing was met with a chorus of “Ditto!” from his friends who attended it with him.
  7. “Your dedication to the project is impressive,” praised the team leader, and Maria nodded, saying, “Ditto, I’m fully committed.”
  8. As they watched the sunset, Mike described the beauty of the scene, and Lily simply said, “Ditto,” captivated by the view.
  9. When asked about their favorite vacation memories, both sisters simultaneously exclaimed, “That beach trip, ditto!”
  10. “Your sense of humor always brightens my day,” Melissa told her brother, who grinned and replied, “Ditto, sis, you’re hilarious.”

what does touché mean?

“Touché” is a French word that has been adopted into the English language. It’s often used in conversations or debates to acknowledge a clever or valid point made by someone else. Essentially, it’s a way of admitting that the other person has effectively countered an argument or made a witty response.

In fencing, “touché” is used to acknowledge a successful hit in a match. Outside of fencing, it has come to symbolize a figurative “hit” in a verbal exchange, indicating that the other person’s statement was well-played and has left the speaker momentarily without a strong response.

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