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BASIC, an early programming language, is still one of the most popular and simple. BASIC stands to represent “Beginner’s All-purpose symbolic Instruction Code.” Originally designed as an interactive mainframe timesharing language by John Kemeney and Thomas Kurtz in 1963, it became widely used on personal computers everywhere.

 On IBM’s first “family” computer, the PCJr, a BASIC cartridge was a popular add-on. BASIC is a simple programming language that has been widely used to teach the basics of programming.

BASIC continues to be widely used because it can be learned quickly, its statements are easy to read by other programmers, and support is available on most operating systems (OS).

 BASIC documentation has been translated in many languages. You often get sound and graphics support. QBASIC is a popular version of BASIC.

BASIC is still used in many business applications. It is also considered to be a valid programming language for certain purposes. Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) adds object-oriented features and a graphical user interface to the standard BASIC.

This BASIC example takes a number from a user and multiplies it by 10. Then, it prints or displays the result.

'Enter a number' 20 INPUT NUM 30 PRINT 'Your number * 10 is ';NUM*10;
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