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Definition Of Vixen

Vixen is a term used to describe a woman who is cunning, quarrel-some, and ill-tempered—generally described as a woman who is very difficult to get along with and a sharp-minded lady.

Meaning Of Vixen

  1. Female Fox: In its literal sense, “vixen” refers to a female fox, which is the counterpart to a male fox known as a “dog” or “tod.”
  2. Figurative Usage: Figuratively, “vixen” can be used to describe a woman who is perceived as being fierce, spirited, or tempestuous. It can carry connotations of a woman who is strong-willed, assertive, or even cunning. However, this usage can also have negative undertones, implying a woman who is sharp-tongued, quarrelsome, or difficult to get along with.


Literal Meaning (Female Fox):

  1. The forest was alive with the sounds of a vixen calling out to her kits in the den.
  2. A group of hikers spotted a vixen with her playful cubs in the meadow.

Figurative Meaning (Tempestuous Woman):

  1. She was known as a vixen in the courtroom, never backing down from a tough argument.
  2. Her colleagues often called her a vixen due to her assertive leadership style and strong opinions.

Vixen: Usage In English Sentences-

  1. The vixen stealthily moved through the underbrush, searching for food to bring back to her den.
  2. The naturalist observed the vixen’s elegant movements as she led her young cubs on their first exploration.

Figurative (Tempestuous Woman):

  1. Sarah’s reputation as a vixen preceded her, but those who knew her well appreciated her passionate nature.
  2. The actress played the role of a cunning vixen in the play, captivating the audience with her fiery performance.
  3. It’s important to avoid using derogatory terms like “vixen” to describe women, as they can perpetuate harmful stereotypes.


  1. Shrew: A woman who is quarrelsome or nagging in nature.
  2. Termagant: An old-fashioned term for a quarrelsome, domineering woman.
  3. Harpy: A mythical creature often depicted as a predatory female figure.
  4. Harridan: A term used to describe a strict, scolding, or unpleasant woman.
  5. Battle-axe: A slang term for a domineering or formidable woman.
  6. Virago: Originally referred to a woman of strong, heroic qualities, but can also be used negatively to imply a woman who is assertive to an excessive degree.
  7. Shrill: Describes a high-pitched and piercing voice, often associated with negative emotions or nagging.
  8. Nag: A person who persistently complains or criticizes.
  9. Scold A person who habitually scolds or rebukes others.
  10. Termagant: An old-fashioned term for a quarrelsome and overbearing woman.

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