Visakhapatnam (GVMC) Ward Wise List 2023 PDF

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Visakhapatnam (GVMC), Ward Wise list 2023

The GVMC (Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation), will be reorganized into 98 wards. From 81 wards, the number of wards will rise to 98.

Town Planning regulates the use and construction of land. A plan includes the location of residential areas, parks, and gardens, as well as traffic patterns.

It can be divided into several planning levels. This plan is more general and outlines how to plan at the more specific levels.

Ward Name File
Ward-27 PDF icon
Ward-26 PDF icon 26.pdf
Ward-25 PDF icon 25.pdf
Ward-24 PDF icon 24.pdf
Ward-23 PDF icon 23.pdf
Ward-22 PDF icon 22.pdf
Ward-21 PDF icon 21.pdf
Ward-20 PDF icon 20.pdf
Ward-19 PDF icon 19.pdf
Ward-18 PDF icon 18.pdf
Ward-17 PDF icon 17.pdf
Ward-16 PDF icon 16.pdf
Ward-15 PDF icon 15.pdf
Ward-14 PDF icon 14.pdf
Ward-14 PDF icon 14.pdf
Ward-14 PDF icon 14.pdf

Visakhapatnam (GVMC), Ward Wise list 2023

NotificationPDF Link
Gazette Notification (GVMC) 98 Wards – TeluguDownload PDF
Gazette Notification (GVMC) 98 Wards – EnglishDownload PDF
New 98 Wards Bifurcation Boundaries MapDownload PDF

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Ward Name File
Ward-50 PDF icon 10_81_050_Division-50.pdf
Ward-50 PDF icon ward-50.pdf
Ward-50 PDF icon WARD 50.pdf
Ward-50 PDF icon 06_81_050_Division-50.pdf
Ward-50 PDF icon ward 50.pdf
Ward-49 PDF icon 10_81_049_Division-49.pdf
Ward-49 PDF icon ward-49.pdf
PDF icon WARD 49.pdf
Ward-49 PDF icon 06_81_049_Division-49.pdf
Ward-49 PDF icon ward 49.pdf
Ward-48 PDF icon 06_81_048_Division-48.pdf
Ward-48 PDF icon ward-48.pdf
Ward-48 PDF icon WARD 48.pdf
Ward-48 PDF icon ward 48.pdf
Ward-48 PDF icon 10_81_048_Division-48.pdf
Ward-47 PDF icon WARD 47.pdf
Ward-47 PDF icon ward 47.pdf
Ward-47 PDF icon 10_81_047_Division-47.pdf
Ward-47 PDF icon 06_81_047_Division-47.pdf
Ward-47 PDF icon ward-47.pdf
Ward-46 PDF icon WARD 46.pdf
Ward-46 PDF icon ward 46.pdf
Ward-46 PDF icon 10_81_046_Division-46.pdf
Ward-46 PDF icon 06_81_046_Division-46.pdf
Ward-46 PDF icon ward-46.pdf
Ward-45 PDF icon ward 45.pdf
Ward-45 PDF icon 10_81_045_Division-45.pdf
Ward-45 PDF icon 06_81_045_Division-45.pdf
Ward-45 PDF icon ward-45.pdf
Ward-45 PDF icon WARD 45.pdf
Ward-44 PDF icon ward 44.pdf
Ward-44 PDF icon 10_81_044_Division-44.pdf
Ward-44 PDF icon 06_81_044_Division-44.pdf
Ward-44 PDF icon ward-44.pdf
Ward-44 PDF icon WARD 44.pdf
Ward-43 PDF icon 10_81_043_Division-43.pdf
Ward-43 PDF icon 06_81_043_Division-43.pdf
Ward-43 PDF icon ward-43.pdf
Ward-43 PDF icon WARD 43.pdf
Ward-43 PDF icon ward 43.pdf
Ward-42 PDF icon 10_81_042_Division-42.pdf
Ward-42 PDF icon 06_81_042_Division-42.pdf
Ward-42 PDF icon ward-42.pdf
Ward-42 PDF icon WARD 42.pdf
Ward-42 PDF icon ward 42.pdf
Ward-41 PDF icon 10_81_041_Division-41.pdf
Ward-41 PDF icon 06_81_041_Division-41.pdf
Ward-41 PDF icon ward-41.pdf
Ward-41 PDF icon WARD 41.pdf
Ward-41 PDF icon 10_87_041_Ward-41.pdf
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Visakhapatnam (GVMC), Ward Wise list 2023

Download PDF of Visakhapatnam, (GVMC), Ward Wise List 2023 from the link below.

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