Virtue: Meaning, Definition, Usage In Sentences, Examples

virtue definition

Virtue means being really good and nice in the way you act and how you treat others. It’s like having qualities that make you a really good person, such as being honest, kind, brave, and fair. Virtues are important because they help you make good choices and treat people nicely. They’re like a guide for how to be a really good and thoughtful person.

Virtue Meaning

Virtue refers to a moral quality or characteristic that is considered morally good or commendable in an individual’s behavior, actions, or character. Virtues are often seen as qualities that contribute to a person’s ethical excellence and guide them toward living a morally upright and principled life.

They are typically valued across different cultures and societies and often include traits such as honesty, compassion, courage, integrity, humility, and kindness. Virtues provide a framework for making ethical decisions and interacting positively with others.

Different philosophical and religious traditions might emphasize different virtues, but the concept generally revolves around qualities that promote the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.


  1. Honesty: Telling the truth and not lying, even when it’s hard to do so.
  2. Kindness: Being friendly, helpful, and considerate to others.
  3. Courage: Facing your fears and challenges without backing down.
  4. Integrity: Doing what’s right, even when nobody is watching.
  5. Humility: Not boasting about your achievements and treating everyone equally.
  6. Generosity: Sharing what you have with others, whether it’s time, money, or belongings.
  7. Patience: Staying calm and not getting upset when things don’t go your way.
  8. Compassion: Showing care and empathy towards others who are going through difficult times.
  9. Respect: Treating people and things with politeness and consideration.
  10. Responsibility: Taking care of your duties and tasks, even when they’re not easy.

Virtue: Usage In Sentences

  1. Honesty: Sarah’s virtue of honesty was evident when she admitted her mistake to her teacher.
  2. Kindness: Mark’s act of helping an elderly woman cross the street showed his deep sense of kindness.
  3. Courage: Despite being scared, Maria found the courage to speak up in front of a large audience.
  4. Integrity: Even when nobody was around to check, Alex maintained his integrity and returned the lost wallet he found.
  5. Humility: Despite being a talented musician, Emily remained humble and didn’t brag about her skills.
  6. Generosity: The community was grateful for the generosity of the local businesses that donated food and supplies to the shelter.
  7. Patience: Waiting in the long line at the amusement park required a lot of patience, but the kids managed it well.
  8. Compassion: The doctor’s compassion was evident as he comforted the worried patient and explained the treatment options.
  9. Respect: It’s important to treat your elders with respect and listen to their wisdom.
  10. Responsibility: Taking care of the family pet was a big responsibility, and Lily made sure to feed, walk, and groom it every day.

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