Vested: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Usage In Sentences

Vested Definition

“Vested” basically means having a strong personal interest or ownership in something. It’s like when you really care about or have a stake in a situation or idea. For example, if you’re “vested” in a company’s retirement plan, it means you’ve earned the right to get certain benefits, even if you leave the job before retiring. It’s kind of like having a special connection or ownership in that situation.

Vested Meaning

The term “vested” typically refers to having a significant personal interest, involvement, or stake in something. It often implies that someone has a strong connection or ownership in a particular situation, idea, or outcome.

In the context of investments or retirement plans, being vested means that an individual has earned the right to receive certain benefits, such as a pension or employer contributions, even if they leave the organization before retirement.


  1. Job Benefits: Imagine you work for a company, and they offer a retirement plan. If you’re “fully vested” in that plan, it means you’ve worked there long enough to own all the benefits from the plan, even if you decide to leave the job before you retire.
  2. Stock Options: Let’s say you’re given stock options as part of your job. Being vested in those options means you’ve reached a certain point where you can actually own and use those stocks, even if you leave the company.
  3. Family Business: If your family owns a business, you might say that you have a vested interest in its success. This means you care a lot about how well the business does because it directly affects you and your family.
  4. Community Project: Imagine you’re part of a group working on a community project, like building a park. If you’ve been involved in the project from the beginning and have put a lot of effort into it, you have a vested interest in seeing the park become a success.

Usage In Setences

  1. Job Benefits: After five years of working at the company, Sarah became fully vested in the employee stock ownership plan.
  2. Retirement Plan: Mark was excited to learn that he was partially vested in the company’s 401(k) plan after just one year of employment.
  3. Business Ownership: As a co-founder of the startup, Emily had a vested interest in its success and worked hard to make it grow.
  4. Family Inheritance: The family estate was passed down through generations, and each heir had a vested share in its ownership.
  5. Legal Case: The lawyer argued that the plaintiff had a vested right to the property, based on documents dating back to the 19th century.
  6. Community Project: Residents who have a vested interest in the neighborhood’s safety formed a neighborhood watch program.
  7. Stock Options: The executive was delighted to find out that his stock options were fully vested and he could now purchase the shares at a discounted price.
  8. Education: The teacher had a vested interest in her students’ success, always going the extra mile to help them understand the material.
  9. Government Policy: The local farmers had a vested interest in the new agricultural policies that directly impacted their livelihoods.
  10. Art Exhibition: As a passionate artist, Mia had a vested commitment to making the art exhibition a grand success.


  1. Invested
  2. Engaged
  3. Committed
  4. Devoted
  5. Dedicated
  6. Attached
  7. Enthusiastic
  8. Immersed
  9. Involved
  10. Embraced
  11. Concerned
  12. Entrenched
  13. Tied
  14. Owning
  15. Participating

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