Vamoose Definition & Meaning And Example

Vamos In English

Vamos” in English translates to “Let’s go” or “We’re going” or “Come on.” It’s an expression often used to encourage or suggest that someone should start moving or take action.

What Does Vamos Mean

Vamos” is a common Spanish word that is used to indicate a sense of movement, action, or involvement. It is derived from the Spanish verb “ir,” which means “to go.” When used in conversation, “vamos” can have several meanings and implications:

  1. Encouragement: “Vamos” is often used to encourage someone to start or continue an action. It’s a way of motivating or urging someone to move forward.
  2. Suggestion: In a more casual context, “vamos” can be used to suggest doing something together or joining an activity.
  3. Expressing Agreement: “Vamos” can also be used to express agreement or approval with a proposed idea or plan.
  4. Expressing Excitement: “Vamos” can convey enthusiasm or excitement about doing something.
  5. Starting an Activity: It can be used as a simple way to initiate an activity or to indicate that you’re ready to begin.

How to Pronounce Vamos 

The word “vamos” is pronounced as /ˈvɑːmoʊs/ in English. Here’s a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  • “v” is pronounced as a regular “v” sound, as in “voice.”
  • “ɑː” represents the long “ah” sound, similar to the “a” in “father.”
  • “m” is the regular “m” sound, as in “moon.”
  • “oʊ” is the diphthong sound that starts with the “oh” sound and transitions to the “oo” sound, as in “boat.”
  • “s” is the regular “s” sound, as in “snake.”

When said together, it sounds like “VAH-moss,” with the stress on the first syllable (“VAH”) and the second syllable pronounced quickly (“mohss”).

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vamos synonyms

  • Andando (let’s go)
  • Adelante (come on)
  • Dale (go ahead)
  • De prisa (hurry up)
  • Vámonos (let’s go)
  • Vamos a (let’s)

vamos antonyms

  • No vamos (we don’t go)
  • No vayamos (let’s not go)
  • No vamos a (we’re not going to)
  • No podemos ir (we can’t go)
  • No hay tiempo (there’s no time)
  • No hay prisa (there’s no hurry)

Example Sentence For Vamos

  1. “Vamos, it’s time to start the game!”
  2. “Are you ready to hit the beach? Vamos!”
  3. “We’re running late, so vamos!”
  4. “Vamos, let’s finish this project before the deadline.”
  5. “The concert is about to start. Vamos and find our seats.”
  6. “Vamos to the park and enjoy the beautiful weather.”
  7. “You’ve been practicing hard for the performance. Vamos and give it your best!”
  8. “Vamos, we don’t want to miss the beginning of the movie.”
  9. “The party is starting soon. Vamos and have a great time.”
  10. “I have an extra ticket to the game. Want to come? Vamos!”

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