Tubectomy Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Doctor gynecologist ligates the fallopian tubes on the example of the layout of the female reproductive system, pink background. Contraception concept for unwanted pregnancy, copy space for text, procedure

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  1. Tubectomy

    ♪ : [Tubectomy]

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Tubectomy Meaning In Telugu With Sentence Sample

In Tamil, “tubectomy” is referred to as the “mugundirai system” (mugundhirai amaippu). Here is a sample sentence using the word:

Mukundrai System is a drug delivery system that stops birth control. Translation: A tubectomy is a medical procedure to prevent pregnancy; It is a form of contraception.

Tubectomy Meaning In Telugu Various Way

Expressing what gun shooting means in tamil and giving many ways. This is usually done by a medical practitioner or chief health scientist in a hospital. It also curbs the demand for some interesting drugs.


It works to prevent a woman who has symptoms of drug resistance. With this, a woman strengthens her belly while not releasing the baby. It works in hospitals providing government medicines on medical basis.


Tubectomy Antonyms Telugu And English With Table Format

Here’s a table format with antonyms of “Tubectomy” in Telugu and English:

తెలుగు విపరీతం (Telugu Antonyms) ఇంగ్లీష్ విపరీతం (English Antonyms)
పునర్స్థాపన (Reversal) Reversal
పురుష నిరోధనం (Male Contraception) Male Contraception
పురుష నిరోధన విధానం (Vasectomy) Vasectomy


Tubectomy Synonyms Telugu And English With Table Format

Here’s a table format with synonyms for “Tubectomy” in Telugu and English:

తెలుగు సమానార్థకం (Telugu Synonyms) ఇంగ్లీష్ సమానార్థకం (English Synonyms)
మూత్రనాళా నిబంధననిరోధనం (Fallopian Tube Ligation) Fallopian Tube Ligation
పునర్స్థాపన (Reversal) Reversal
సర్జికల్ నిబంధన (Surgical Sterilization) Surgical Sterilization

Tubectomy Q&A In Telugu

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about tubectomy in both Telugu and English:

  1. What is a gun? Traditionally healthcare professionals spend one or more hours on the green where women’s bladders are removed through medical procedures.

  2. How is a gun made? A prescription from a hospital or a chief health scientist is also commonly used to prevent gunshot wounds. At this time, by opening the medical urethra, you can build a suitable section that does not fit in women’s Anna Shanti to enjoy the animal and rare time.

  3. What pattern is used to resist gunpowder? If there is a pattern in the drugs used in the gun method, it is suitable for women to affect the abdomen in the first week of the month.


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