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Essential Meaning of translate

1to change words from one language into another language
// My client speaks only Spanish. Will you translate for me?
// The French word “bonjour” translates as “hello” in English.
2to explain (something) in a way that is easier to understand
// Can you translate this technical jargon?
3to have the same meaning
// To teenagers, “middle-aged” translates as “boring.” [=teenagers think middle-aged people are boring]Seventy million Americans—that translates into one American out of every four—are under the age of 24.

Full Definition of translate

transitive verb
  1. 1ato turn into one’s own or another language
    bto transfer or turn from one set of symbols into another TRANSCRIBE
    c(1)to express in different terms and especially different words PARAPHRASE
    (2)to express in more comprehensible terms EXPLAININTERPRET
    2ato bear, remove, or change from one place, state, form, or appearance to another TRANSFERTRANSFORM translate ideas into action
    bto convey to heaven or to a nontemporal condition without death
    cto transfer (a bishop) from one see to another
    4to subject to mathematical translation
    5to subject (genetic information) to translation in protein synthesis
intransitive verb
  • 1to practice translation or make a translationalso to admit of or be adaptable to translationa word that doesn’t translate easily
    2to undergo a translation
    3LEADRESULT usually used with intobelieves that tax cuts will translate into economic growth

Other Words from translate

  • translatability \ (ˌ)tran(t)s-​ˌlā-​tə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē  (ˌ)tranz-​ \ noun
     The translatability of other native two-dimensional designs into the commercial medium of silk screens, however, may not be so clearcut.— Margaret B. Blackman et al.
  • translatable \ tran(t)s-​ˈlā-​tə-​bəl  tranz-​ \ adjective
     The word is of Derrida’s own coinage and is deliberately ambiguous (and therefore not translatable), being derived from the French …— Ann Jefferson … but the resultant information is spotty and not readily translatable into an average national trend.— Barry Commoner
  • translator \ ˈtran(t)s-​ˌlā-​tər  ˈtranz-​ ; tran(t)s-​ˈlā-​tər tranz-​ \ noun
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Synonyms & Antonyms for translate

  • paraphrase,
  • rephrase,
  • restate,
  • reword
  • quote

Examples of translate in a Sentence

  •  My client speaks only Spanish. Will you translate for me? 
  • The French word “bonjour” translates as “hello” in English.
     We need someone who can translate Japanese into English. 
  • We have translated the report. 
  • The book has been translated into 37 languages. 
  • Can you translate this technical jargon? 
  • Seventy million Americans—that translates into one American out of every four—are under the age of 24.

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