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The Fault in Our Stars Book

An electric portrait of young people who learn to live life with one foot in the grave. Filled with staccato bursts of humor and tragedy & book contains total 25 chapters based on romance. The Fault in Our Stars is a novel written by John Green and originally published on January 10, 2012.

This book is for everyone whether they are in their old age or teens studying in school, this book is an ideal feel good and emotional novel for all. You can download The Fault in Our Stars Book in pdf format or read online free using direct link given below.

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Plot Overview

Summary Plot Overview

At her mother’s request, Hazel Grace Lancaster, seventeen years old, reluctantly goes to a support group for cancer patients. To breathe properly, she uses a portable oxygen pump because of her cancer. She meets a boy in one of her meetings and learns his name is Augustus Waters. He is there to support Isaac, their mutual friend. Isaac had a cancerous tumor in his left eye, which he had successfully removed. Now he must have the other eye removed. Augustus approaches Hazel after the meeting and says that he has a tumor in one eye. He then invites Hazel to come to his house and watch the movie. The two of them also discuss their experiences with cancer. Hazel discovers that she has thyroid cancer and it has spread to her lungs. Augustus was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and has since been cancer-free. Augustus and Hazel agree to share their favorite novels before they take Hazel home. Augustus gives Hazel the Price of Dawn and Hazel recommends An Imperial Fliction.

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Hazel describes the splendor of An Implacable Affliction. It’s a novel about Anna, a little girl with cancer. It’s the only book she’s ever read that matches her experiences. She describes how the novel abruptly ends in the middle of the sentence, leaving the reader with no closure as to the fates of its characters. She speculates on Peter Van Houten’s mystery author of the novel, which she believes fled Amsterdam shortly after publication. He has not been heard from since.

Augustus miraculously tells Hazel that he found Van Houten’s assistant Lidewij and was able to establish an email correspondence through her. Hazel shares Van Houten’s letter with him, and they devise a list to ask Van Houten. This is in an attempt to clarify the novel’s confusing conclusion. Hazel is most concerned about Anna’s fate. She believes that Anna’s mother will survive her daughter’s passing and her parents will be okay after Hazel’s death. Van Houten finally replies that he can only answer Hazel’s questions in person. He invites her visit if she’s ever in Amsterdam.

Augustus invites Hazel to a picnic shortly after. He turns out to have planned a Dutch-themed picnic. He reveals that Van Houten, a charity that grants wishes to children with cancer, has offered to grant his wish. He touches her face and she is delighted. She realizes she loves him, but she is certain she will hurt him when she dies. She likens herself to a grenade.

Hazel experiences a severe episode of fluid buildup in her lungs, and is taken to the ICU. After a few days, Hazel is finally released and discovers that Augustus has never left the hospital’s waiting area. Hazel receives a second letter from Van Houten. This one is more personal and cryptic. Hazel is now more determined to travel to Amsterdam than ever after reading the letter. But there is a problem: Hazel’s parents and team of doctors aren’t convinced she is strong enough to travel. The situation appears hopeless until Dr. Maria, one of her most experienced doctors, convinces Hazel that she must travel to allow her to live her life.

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Augustus, Hazel and Hazel’s mother plan to travel to Amsterdam. But when Hazel and Augustus first meet Van Houten, they discover that he is not a prolific genius but a mean-spirited drunk who can’t answer Hazel’s questions. They leave Van Houten’s in complete disappointment and are accompanied by Lidewij who is horrified at Van Houten’s conduct. Augustus and Hazel exchange a passionate kiss at the end of their tour to the cheers of spectators. They return to their hotel, where they are reunited for the first time. Augustus admits to Hazel that he had a body scanner while he was in the ICU. This revealed that his cancer had returned and spread all over. Hazel discovers that Augustus is the grenade when they return to Indianapolis. His condition worsens and he loses his charm and confidence. Although he becomes more vulnerable and afraid, he is still a handsome boy to Hazel. This is when she stops calling him Augustus, and instead refers to him as Gus like his parents. Hazel realizes that she still loves him. Augustus’s condition deteriorates quickly. Augustus organizes a prefuneral and Isaac and Hazel offer eulogies. Hazel takes a line from Van Huyten about smaller and larger infinities. She tells Augustus how much she loves him and that she wouldn’t trade their brief time together.

Augustus dies eight days later. Hazel is shocked to see Van Houten at her funeral. Van Houten explained that Gus and he maintained correspondence, and that Augustus required Van Houten to make amends for the trip to Amsterdam. Van Houten also said that Hazel should attend his funeral. Van Houten reveals Anna’s fate abstractly, but Hazel doesn’t care. Hazel is informed by Isaac a few days later that Augustus had written something for her. As Hazel tries to find the pages, Van Houten appears again. He reveals drunkenly that Anna was his daughter’s name. When she was eight years old, she died from cancer. An Imperial Abilities was his literary attempt to reconcile himself with her passing. Van Houten is told by Hazel to get sober and write another book.

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Hazel eventually learns that Augustus had sent the pages directly to Van Houten as he wanted VanHouten to write a thoughtful eulogy about Hazel. Lidewij makes Van Houten read the pages, and then sends them to Hazel. Hazel finishes the novel by reading Augustus’s words. He said that while it is natural to get hurt in this world, we have the option to choose to allow others to do so. And he was happy with his decision. He hopes that she will like her decision. Hazel says that she likes the ending of the novel.

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