Tentative – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms And example

Definitions of tentative

Tentative” is an adjective in English that describes something that is uncertain, provisional, or not fully confirmed. It often indicates a cautious or hesitant approach to a situation, decision, or statement. Here’s the meaning of “tentative” explained:

Tentative: Hesitant or uncertain; not definite or final; subject to change based on further information or developments.

Tentative Sentence Examples

  1. She made a tentative appointment with the doctor, but it wasn’t confirmed until later.
  2. The students presented their tentative research findings to the class, knowing they might need to refine their conclusions.
  3. The team had a tentative agreement on the project timeline, pending approval from the client.
  4. His tentative smile showed that he was still unsure about the surprise party planned for him.
  5. The company issued a tentative statement regarding the upcoming merger, emphasizing that details were subject to change.
  6. We made a tentative plan to go hiking this weekend, but it depends on the weather forecast.
  7. The chef’s new experimental dish received mixed reviews from the diners, so it remained on the menu in a tentative capacity.
  8. She took a tentative step onto the icy path, carefully testing the ground’s stability.
  9. The teacher provided a tentative list of topics for the research paper, allowing students to choose one that interested them.
  10. The couple’s tentative decision to move to a new city was influenced by job opportunities and the cost of living.

Synonyms of Tentative

  1. Provisional
  2. Probationary
  3. Provisionary
  4. Tentative

Antonym of Tentative

  • Fixed,
  • confirmed

opposite of tentative:

  • certain
  • decided
  • firm
  • fixed
  • positive
  • resolved
  • sure
  • unequivocal
  • unreserved
  • unwavering

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