Tense Chart: Basic Rules Examples & Formula

If you are a beginner in tenses. You are searching where I can learn all the tenses. Here I have provided a basic tense chart with rules and examples.
It helps to remember all the rules and formulas easily. you can be saved this chart offline to learn in your spare time.

tenses chart
SimpleHe drives a carHe drove a carHe will drive a car
ContinuousHe is driving a carHe was driving a carHe will be driving a car
PerfectHe has driven a carHe had driven a carHe will have driven a car
Perfect ContinuousHe has been driving a car since morningHe had been driving a car since 6 am.He will have driving a car
at 6 am tomorrow.
tenses chart
Simple present tenses chart
Past perfect tenses chart

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Simple future tenses chart
present contionous tenses chart
Past contionous tenses chart

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Future contionous tenses chart
Present Perfect Tense
past perfect tenses chart
future perfect tenses chart
present perfect contionous tenses chart
Past Perfect Continuous tenses chart
Future Perfect Continuous tenses chart

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