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Tata Sky Channel Number 2021 – This article will show you how to find Tata Sky Channel List 2021 with Number, Price List and channel logo. Tata Sky has many HD channels in various categories, so it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through them all. The Tata Sky Channels Numbers will help to locate your favorite channel.

Tata Sky, the most popular Direct-To-Home service, is mentioned previously. Tata Sky Limited, a joint venture of Tata Sone, Twenty-First Centry Fox, Inc. The company was founded in 2001 and began offering its services in 2006. Tata Sky is known for its ‘Personal Video Recorder (PVR), 4K-enabled STB and transfer-enabled STB technology as well as interactive services that are tailored for Indian markets.

The company currently has 652 channels and services. These include 498 SD channels, 9 HD channels, 25 interactive and 16 SD services. The official Tata Sky Mobile app allows users to experience live TV, remote recording to set the STB remotely, as well as view recorded content.

We’ve made it simple by compiling the Tata Sky channel lists, along with their price and channel numbers, in one post.

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Tata Sky We have one of the largest customer bases in the country and can offer a variety of Tata Sky channel numbers. Tata Sky was the first company to offer customized packages and ala carte channel options. With the launch of Tata Sky+, it has made a significant shift in the market. Tata Sky has connected over 17 million people across India and offers almost 600 Tata Sky channels through its DTH service. This page contains the Tata Sky Channel Listing with Numbers. Find the complete Tata Sky Channel List 2020 to find your favorite channel.

This page contains the Tata Sky channel number list. Tata Sky offers a variety of Tata Sky packages and plans, which allow users to tailor the package to their needs. The latest numbers have been added to the Tata Sky channel lists, as per the new TRAI regulation. Below are the most recent Tata Sky TV channel pack numbers. Let’s take a look at the latest Tata Sky TRAI channel list here.

Tata Sky channels offer a wide range of programs. With this extensive list, it will be easy to find your favorite channels. For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Tata Sky channel numbers so you can tune in to your favorite channels immediately.

Tata Sky channels offer a wide range of programs. This extensive list will make it easy for you to find your favorite channels. For you to instantly tune in to your favourites, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Tata Sky channel numbers. This is a quick guide to all Tata Sky channels.

You can enjoy many channels in your own language and regional languages with a large customer base. Tata Sky is the country’s largest DTH, offering many Tata Sky channels. It can be difficult to find one. Tata Sky’s DTH service offers 566 Tata Sky channels. We are pleased to share with you the Tata Sky channel listing with numbers. You can also customize your plans according to your needs and preferences.

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Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
&TV HD137HD₹22.42&TV HD
Big Magic176SD₹0.12Big Magic
Colors HD147HD₹22.42Colors HD
Colors Rishtey173SD₹1.18Colors Rishtey
DD Kisan198SDFreeDD Kisan
DD National114SDFreeDD National
Investigation Discovery155SD₹1.18Investigation Discovery
Sony Pal174SD₹1.18Sony Pal
Sony SAB134SD₹22.42Sony SAB
Sony SAB HD132HD₹22.42Sony SAB HD
Star Bharat122SD₹11.80Star Bharat
Star Bharat HD121HD₹22.42Star Bharat HD
Star Plus117SD₹22.42Star Plus
Star Plus HD115HD₹22.42Star Plus HD
STAR Utsav171SD₹1.18STAR Utsav
UTV Bindass153SD₹1.18UTV Bindass
Zee Anmol172SD₹0.12Zee Anmol
Zee TV143SD₹22.42Zee TV
Zee TV HD141HD₹22.42Zee TV HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Colors Infinity226SD₹5.90Colors Infinity
Colors Infinity HD224HD₹10.62Colors Infinity HD
Comedy Central230SD₹5.90Comedy Central
Comedy Central HD229HD₹10.62Comedy Central HD
Disney International HD232HD₹14.16Disney International HD
Star World206SD₹9.44Star World
Star World HD204HD₹10.62Star World HD
Star World Premiere HD208HD₹10.62Star World Premiere HD
Zee Cafe220SD₹17.70Zee Cafe
Zee Cafe HD218HD₹22.42Zee Cafe HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
&pictures HD331HD₹22.42&pictures HD
B4U Kadak334SDFreeB4U Kadak
B4U Movies337SDFreeB4U Movies
Bflix Movies345SDFreeBflix Movies
Cinema TV India333SDFreeCinema TV India
Colors Cineplex342SD₹3.54Colors Cineplex
Colors Cineplex HD341HD₹5.90Colors Cineplex HD
Maha Movie351SDFreeMaha Movie
Manoranjan TV350SDFreeManoranjan TV
Sony Max314SD₹17.70Sony Max
Sony Max 2338SD₹1.18Sony Max 2
Sony Max HD312HD₹20.06Sony Max HD
Sony Wah336SD₹1.18Sony Wah
Star Gold310SD₹9.44Star Gold
Star Gold 2317SD₹1.18Star Gold 2
Star Gold HD308HD₹11.80Star Gold HD
Star Gold Select340SD₹8.26Star Gold Select
Star Gold Select HD339HD₹11.80Star Gold Select HD
Star Utsav Movies346SD₹1.18Star Utsav Movies
Surya Cinema352SDFreeSurya Cinema
UTV Action325SD₹2.36UTV Action
UTV Movies323SD₹2.36UTV Movies
Wow Cinema One343SDFreeWow Cinema One
Zee Action335SD₹1.18Zee Action
Zee Anmol Cinema348SD₹0.12Zee Anmol Cinema
Zee Bollywood327SD₹2.36Zee Bollywood
Zee Cinema321SD₹17.70Zee Cinema
Zee Cinema HD319HD₹22.42Zee Cinema HD
Zee Classic328SD₹0.59Zee Classic
Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
&flix HD365HD₹22.42&flix HD
&prive HD385HD₹22.42&prive HD
MN+ HD378HD₹11.80MN+ HD
Movies Now377SD₹11.80Movies Now
Movies Now HD376HD₹14.16Movies Now HD
Romedy Now383SD₹7.08Romedy Now
Romedy Now HD382HD₹10.62Romedy Now HD
Sony Pix360SD₹11.80Sony Pix
Sony Pix HD359HD₹17.70Sony Pix HD
Star Movies355SD₹14.16Star Movies
Star Movies HD353HD₹22.42Star Movies HD
Star Movies Select HD370HD₹11.80Star Movies Select HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
A1 TV1134SDFreeA1 TV
Aaj Tak509SD₹0.89Aaj Tak
Aaj Tak HD508HD₹1.77Aaj Tak HD
Aaj Tak Tez590SD₹0.30Aaj Tak Tez
ABP News504SDFreeABP News
APN News542SDFreeAPN News
Bharat Samachar587SDFreeBharat Samachar
CNBC Awaaz595SD₹1.18CNBC Awaaz
DD India620SDFreeDD India
DD News502SDFreeDD News
DD News HD501HDFreeDD News HD
Hindi Khabar583SDFreeHindi Khabar
India News522SDFreeIndia News
India TV514SDFreeIndia TV
INH 24X71156SDFreeINH 24X7
Jantantra TV593SDFreeJantantra TV
Khabrain Abhi Tak589SDFreeKhabrain Abhi Tak
Lok Sabha TV598SDFreeLok Sabha TV
NDTV India506SD₹1.18NDTV India
News 1 India580SDFreeNews 1 India
News 24516SDFreeNews 24
News Nation523SDFreeNews Nation
News11 Bharat579SDFreeNews11 Bharat
News18 India519SD₹0.12News18 India
R Bharat521SDFreeR Bharat
R9 TV586SDFreeR9 TV
Rajya Sabha TV599SDFreeRajya Sabha TV
Sahara Samay591SDFreeSahara Samay
Sahara Samay MP1157SDFreeSahara Samay MP
Sudarshan News534SDFreeSudarshan News
Times Now Navbharat HD528HD₹1.50Times Now Navbharat HD
Total TV527SDFreeTotal TV
TV9 Bharatvarsh529SDFreeTV9 Bharatvarsh
Zee Business594SD₹0.12Zee Business
Zee Hindustan520SD₹0.12Zee Hindustan
Zee News511SD₹0.12Zee News

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
4TV News1479SDFree4TV News
Al Jazeera635SDFreeAl Jazeera
BBC World News633SD₹1.18BBC World News
Channel News Asia636SDFreeChannel News Asia
CNBC TV18623SD₹4.72CNBC TV18
CNN International631SD₹0.59CNN International
CNN News18611SD₹0.59CNN News18
Dw TV639SDFreeDw TV
ET Now625SD₹3.54ET Now
France 24637SDFreeFrance 24
India Ahead617SDFreeIndia Ahead
India Today609SD₹1.18India Today
Mirror Now614SD₹0.59Mirror Now
NDTV 24×7604SD₹3.54NDTV 24x7
NDTV Profit Prime621SD₹1.18NDTV Profit Prime
Republic TV616SDFreeRepublic TV
Times Now606SD₹3.54Times Now
Times Now World HD605HD₹5.90Times Now World HD
TV5 Monde Asie638SDFreeTV5 Monde Asie

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
DD Sports453SDFreeDD Sports
Sony ESPN HD475HD₹8.26Sony ESPN HD
Sony Six484SD₹17.70Sony Six
Sony Six HD483HD₹22.42Sony Six HD
Sony Ten 1471SD₹22.42Sony Ten 1
Sony Ten 1 HD470HD₹22.42Sony Ten 1 HD
Sony Ten 2474SD₹17.70Sony Ten 2
Sony Ten 2 HD473HD₹20.06Sony Ten 2 HD
Sony Ten 3476SD₹20.06Sony Ten 3
Sony Ten 3 HD475HD₹20.06Sony Ten 3 HD
Star Sports 1455SD₹22.42Star Sports 1
Star Sports 1 HD454HD₹22.42Star Sports 1 HD
Star Sports 1 Hindi460SD₹22.42Star Sports 1 Hindi
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD459HD₹22.42Star Sports 1 Hindi HD
Star Sports 2457SD₹7.08Star Sports 2
Star Sports 2 HD456HD₹22.42Star Sports 2 HD
Star Sports 3458SD₹4.72Star Sports 3
Star Sports First497SD₹1.18Star Sports First
Star Sports Select 1464SD₹22.42Star Sports Select 1
Star Sports Select 1 HD463HD₹22.42Star Sports Select 1 HD
Star Sports Select 2466SD₹8.26Star Sports Select 2
Star Sports Select 2 HD465HD₹11.80Star Sports Select 2 HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Baby TV HD676HD₹1.18Baby TV HD
Cartoon Network666SD₹5.02Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network HD+665HD₹5.90Cartoon Network HD+
Chintu TV691SD₹7.08Chintu TV
Chutti TV690SD₹7.08Chutti TV
Discovery Kids672SD₹3.54Discovery Kids
Disney Channel659SD₹9.44Disney Channel
Disney Junior681SD₹4.72Disney Junior
ETV Bal Bharat680SD₹4.80ETV Bal Bharat
Hungama TV655SD₹7.08Hungama TV
Kochu TV692SD₹5.90Kochu TV
Kushi TV689SD₹4.72Kushi TV
Marvel HQ657SD₹4.72Marvel HQ
Nick HD+662HD₹11.80Nick HD+
Nick Jr680SD₹1.18Nick Jr
Sonic Nickelodeon674SD₹2.36Sonic Nickelodeon
Sony Yay686SD₹2.36Sony Yay

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
9X Jalwa830SDFree9X Jalwa
B4U Music822SDFreeB4U Music
MTV Beats821SD₹0.12MTV Beats
MTV Beats HD820HD₹1.18MTV Beats HD
MTV HD+806HD₹5.90MTV HD+
Music India829SDFreeMusic India
Vh1 HD855HD₹2.36Vh1 HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Animal Planet717SD₹2.36Animal Planet
Animal Planet HD World716HD₹3.54Animal Planet HD World
DD Gyan Darshan755SDFreeDD Gyan Darshan
Discovery Channel714SD₹4.72Discovery Channel
Discovery HD World713HD₹7.08Discovery HD World
Discovery Science719SD₹1.18Discovery Science
Discovery Turbo764SD₹1.18Discovery Turbo
Fashion TV772SDFreeFashion TV
Food Food768SDFreeFood Food
Fox Life754SD₹1.18Fox Life
Fox Life HD753HD₹1.18Fox Life HD
Good Times762SD₹1.77Good Times
History TV18721SD₹3.54History TV18
History TV18 HD720HD₹8.26History TV18 HD
Nat Geo Wild712SD₹1.18Nat Geo Wild
Nat Geo Wild HD711HD₹5.90Nat Geo Wild HD
National Geographic709SD₹2.36National Geographic
National Geographic HD708HD₹11.80National Geographic HD
Sony BBC Earth725SD₹4.72Sony BBC Earth
Sony BBC Earth HD724HD₹11.80Sony BBC Earth HD
TravelXP HD765HD₹10.62TravelXP HD
Zee Zest HD769HD₹11.80Zee Zest HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Aastha Bhajan1077SDFreeAastha Bhajan
Arihant TV1067SDFreeArihant TV
Disha TV1058SDFreeDisha TV
Divya TV1083SDFreeDivya TV
Ishwar TV1068SDFreeIshwar TV
Jinvani Channel1066SDFreeJinvani Channel
Lord Buddha TV1064SDFreeLord Buddha TV
MH One Shraddha1061SDFreeMH One Shraddha
Paras TV1059SDFreeParas TV
Peace of Mind1065SDFreePeace of Mind
PTC Simran1921SDFreePTC Simran
Sadhna TV1063SDFreeSadhna TV
Satsang TV1073SDFreeSatsang TV
Shubh TV1074SDFreeShubh TV
Subharti TV1082SDFreeSubharti TV
Surya Bhojpuri1119SDFreeSurya Bhojpuri

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
ABP Ganga1108SDFreeABP Ganga
Anjan TV178SDFreeAnjan TV
B4U Bhojpuri1118SDFreeB4U Bhojpuri
Bansal News1155SDFreeBansal News
Bhojpuri Cinema1115SDFreeBhojpuri Cinema
Big Ganga1116SD₹0.59Big Ganga
Channel WIN1176SDFreeChannel WIN
DD Bharati1194SDFreeDD Bharati
DD Bihar1196SDFreeDD Bihar
DD Madhya Pradesh1197SDFreeDD Madhya Pradesh
DD Rajasthan1198SDFreeDD Rajasthan
DD Urdu1199SDFreeDD Urdu
DD Uttar Pradesh1195SDFreeDD Uttar Pradesh
First India Rajasthan1133SDFreeFirst India Rajasthan
Gulistan News1179SDFreeGulistan News
IBC 241152SDFreeIBC 24
India News MP CH554SDFreeIndia News MP CH
India News Rajasthan556SDFreeIndia News Rajasthan
India News UP UK550SDFreeIndia News UP UK
News State MP CG570SDFreeNews State MP CG
News State UP Uttarakhand552SDFreeNews State UP Uttarakhand
News18 Bihar Jharkhand1105SD₹0.12News18 Bihar Jharkhand
News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh1150SD₹0.12News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh
News18 Rajasthan1131SD₹0.12News18 Rajasthan
News18 Urdu1173SD₹0.12News18 Urdu
News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand1104SD₹0.12News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand
Oscar Movies Bhojpuri1114SDFreeOscar Movies Bhojpuri
Patrika TV Rajasthan581SDFreePatrika TV Rajasthan
Swaraj Express SMBC582SDFreeSwaraj Express SMBC
Zee Bihar Jharkhand1113SD₹0.12Zee Bihar Jharkhand
Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh1154SD₹0.12Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh
Zee Rajasthan News1132SD₹0.12Zee Rajasthan News
Zee Salaam1175SD₹0.12Zee Salaam
Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand568SD₹0.12Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Aakash aath1314SDFreeAakash aath
ABP Ananda1303SDFreeABP Ananda
Calcutta News1335SDFreeCalcutta News
Colors Bangla1305SD₹8.26Colors Bangla
Colors Bangla HD1304HD₹16.52Colors Bangla HD
DD Bangla1399SDFreeDD Bangla
Enterr10 Bangla1923SDFreeEnterr10 Bangla
Jalsha Movies1320SD₹7.08Jalsha Movies
Jalsha Movies HD1319HD₹22.42Jalsha Movies HD
Khushboo Bangla1337SDFreeKhushboo Bangla
Kolkata TV1324SDFreeKolkata TV
News Time Bangla1328SDFreeNews Time Bangla
News18 Bangla1325SD₹0.12News18 Bangla
Ruposhi Bangla1327SDFreeRuposhi Bangla
Sangeet Bangla1321SDFreeSangeet Bangla
Sony Aath1317SD₹4.72Sony Aath
Star Jalsha1312SD₹22.42Star Jalsha
Star Jalsha HD1311HD₹22.42Star Jalsha HD
Star Sports 1 Bangla1323SD₹22.42Star Sports 1 Bangla
Sun Bangla1326SDFreeSun Bangla
Zee 24 Ghanta1315SD₹0.12Zee 24 Ghanta
Zee Bangla1308SD₹22.42Zee Bangla
Zee Bangla Cinema1322SD₹2.36Zee Bangla Cinema
Zee Bangla HD1307HD₹22.42Zee Bangla HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
ABP Asmita1717SDFreeABP Asmita
CNBC Bajar1713SD₹1.18CNBC Bajar
Colors Gujarati1704SD₹5.90Colors Gujarati
Colors Gujarati Cinema1706SD₹1.18Colors Gujarati Cinema
DD Girnar1749SDFreeDD Girnar
Gujarat Samachar TV1710SDFreeGujarat Samachar TV
India News Gujarat1721SDFreeIndia News Gujarat
News18 Gujarati1715SD₹0.12News18 Gujarati
Sandesh News1711SDFreeSandesh News
TV9 Gujarati1708SDFreeTV9 Gujarati
VTV Gujarati1718SDFreeVTV Gujarati
Zee 24 Kalak1719SD₹0.12Zee 24 Kalak

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
9X Jhakaas1223SDFree9X Jhakaas
ABP Majha1213SDFreeABP Majha
Colors Marathi1204SD₹11.80Colors Marathi
Colors Marathi HD1203HD₹20.06Colors Marathi HD
DD Sahyadri1299SDFreeDD Sahyadri
Fakt Marathi1229SDFreeFakt Marathi
Jai Maharashtra1224SDFreeJai Maharashtra
Marathi Bana1230SDFreeMarathi Bana
News18 Lokmat1214SD₹0.12News18 Lokmat
Saam TV1222SDFreeSaam TV
Sangeet Marathi1228SDFreeSangeet Marathi
Shemaroo Marathibana1230SDFreeShemaroo Marathibana
Sony Marathi1220SD₹4.72Sony Marathi
Star Pravah1210SD₹10.62Star Pravah
Star Pravah HD1209HD₹17.70Star Pravah HD
TV9 Marathi1226SDFreeTV9 Marathi
Zee 24 Taas1215SD₹0.12Zee 24 Taas
Zee Marathi1208SD₹22.42Zee Marathi
Zee Marathi HD1207HD₹22.42Zee Marathi HD
Zee Talkies1218SD₹2.36Zee Talkies
Zee Talkies HD1217HD₹22.42Zee Talkies HD
Zee Yuva1216SD₹1.18Zee Yuva

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Colors Odia1754SD₹7.08Colors Odia
DD Odia1799SDFreeDD Odia
Kalinga TV1772SDFreeKalinga TV
Kanak News1770SDFreeKanak News
Nandighosha TV1776SDFreeNandighosha TV
News18 Odia1774SD₹0.12News18 Odia
Prameya News71773SDFreePrameya News7
Prarthana TV1766SD₹2.36Prarthana TV
Tarang Music1759SD₹2.36Tarang Music
Tarang TV1757SD₹11.80Tarang TV
Zee Odisha1768SD₹0.12Zee Odisha
Zee Sarthak1765SD₹22.42Zee Sarthak

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
9X Tashan1915SDFree9X Tashan
ANB News1333SDFreeANB News
Balle Balle1926SDFreeBalle Balle
Chardikla Time TV1916SDFreeChardikla Time TV
DD Punjabi1949SDFreeDD Punjabi
India News Haryana530SDFreeIndia News Haryana
India News Punjab1917SDFreeIndia News Punjab
Janta TV562SDFreeJanta TV
Living India News1924SDFreeLiving India News
Manoranjan Movies1918SDFreeManoranjan Movies
MH One1904SDFreeMH One
MH One News548SDFreeMH One News
News18 Punjab Haryana Himachal1907SD₹0.12News18 Punjab Haryana Himachal
Pitaara TV1919SDFreePitaara TV
PTC Chak De1911SDFreePTC Chak De
PTC News1906SDFreePTC News
PTC Punjabi1910SDFreePTC Punjabi
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh1905SD₹0.12Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh
Zee Punjabi1927SD₹3.54Zee Punjabi

price/Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Adithya TV1527SD₹10.62Adithya TV
Angel TV1558SDFreeAngel TV
Captain News1566SDFreeCaptain News
Colors Tamil1555SD₹3.54Colors Tamil
Colors Tamil HD1554HD₹8.26Colors Tamil HD
D Tamil1542SD₹4.72D Tamil
DD Podhigai1599SDFreeDD Podhigai
J Movies1543SD₹2.66J Movies
Jaya Max1533SD₹2.66Jaya Max
Jaya Plus1541SD₹0.59Jaya Plus
Jaya TV HD1519HD₹7.08Jaya TV HD
Jothi TV721SD₹1.00Jothi TV
Kalaignar TV1523SDFreeKalaignar TV
KTV HD1507HD₹22.42KTV HD
Madha TV1557SDFreeMadha TV
Makkal TV1538SDFreeMakkal TV
Malaimurasu Seithigal1564SDFreeMalaimurasu Seithigal
Mega 241573SD₹1.18Mega 24
Mega Musiq1572SD₹2.36Mega Musiq
Mega TV1547SD₹3.54Mega TV
Moon TV1577SDFreeMoon TV
Murasu TV1531SDFreeMurasu TV
Nambikkai TV1575SDFreeNambikkai TV
News 7 Tamil1546SDFreeNews 7 Tamil
News J1593SDFreeNews J
News18 Tamil Nadu1550SD₹0.12News18 Tamil Nadu
Peppers TV1568SDFreePeppers TV
Polimer News1548SDFreePolimer News
Polimer TV1536SDFreePolimer TV
Puthiya Thalaimurai1529SDFreePuthiya Thalaimurai
Raj Digital Plus1552SD₹1.77Raj Digital Plus
Raj News Tamil1556SD₹0.30Raj News Tamil
Raj TV1524SD₹3.54Raj TV
Sahana TV1574SDFreeSahana TV
Sathiyam TV1560SDFreeSathiyam TV
Star Sports 1 Tamil1516SD₹20.06Star Sports 1 Tamil
Star Vijay1518SD₹20.06Star Vijay
Star Vijay HD1517HD₹22.42Star Vijay HD
Star Vijay Super1549SD₹2.36Star Vijay Super
Sun Life1510SD₹10.62Sun Life
Sun Music1512SD₹7.08Sun Music
Sun Music HD1511HD₹22.42Sun Music HD
Sun News1545SD₹1.18Sun News
Sun TV1504SD₹22.42Sun TV
Sun TV HD1503HD₹22.42Sun TV HD
SVBC 21598SDFreeSVBC 2
Tamil Naaptol1544SDFreeTamil Naaptol
Thanthi TV1537SDFreeThanthi TV
TravelXP Tamil1584SD₹1.77TravelXP Tamil
Vasanth TV1530SDFreeVasanth TV
Vendhar TV1592SDFreeVendhar TV
Zee Tamil1522SD₹14.16Zee Tamil
Zee Tamil HD1521HD₹22.42Zee Tamil HD
Zee Thirai1559SD₹5.90Zee Thirai

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
ABN Andhra Jyothi1432SDFreeABN Andhra Jyothi
Aradana TV1463SDFreeAradana TV
Bhakti TV1440SDFreeBhakti TV
DD Saptagiri1498SDFreeDD Saptagiri
DD Yadagiri1499SDFreeDD Yadagiri
ETV Abhiruchi1451SD₹2.36ETV Abhiruchi
ETV Andhra Pradesh1419SD₹1.18ETV Andhra Pradesh
ETV Cinema1447SD₹7.08ETV Cinema
ETV HD1416HD₹22.42ETV HD
ETV Life1450SD₹1.18ETV Life
ETV Plus1449SD₹8.26ETV Plus
ETV Telugu1417SD₹20.06ETV Telugu
Gemini Comedy1437SD₹5.90Gemini Comedy
Gemini Life1414SD₹5.90Gemini Life
Gemini Movies1404SD₹20.06Gemini Movies
Gemini Movies HD1403HD₹22.42Gemini Movies HD
Gemini Music1415SD₹4.72Gemini Music
Gemini TV1412SD₹22.42Gemini TV
Gemini TV HD1411HD₹22.42Gemini TV HD
Hindu Dharmam1476SDFreeHindu Dharmam
NTV Telugu1428SDFreeNTV Telugu
Raj Musix Telugu1466SDFreeRaj Musix Telugu
Raj News Telugu1460SDFreeRaj News Telugu
Sakshi TV1406SDFreeSakshi TV
Star Maa1423SD₹22.42Star Maa
Star Maa Gold1431SD₹2.36Star Maa Gold
Star Maa HD1422HD₹22.42Star Maa HD
Star Maa Movies1430SD₹11.80Star Maa Movies
Star Maa Movies HD1429HD₹22.42Star Maa Movies HD
Star Maa Music1435SD₹1.18Star Maa Music
Star Sports 1 Telugu1421SD₹22.42Star Sports 1 Telugu
Studio One+1477SDFreeStudio One+
Studio Yuva1423SDFreeStudio Yuva
Subhavaartha TV1441SDFreeSubhavaartha TV
Swara Sagar1475SDFreeSwara Sagar
T News1433SDFreeT News
Telugu Naaptol1439SDFreeTelugu Naaptol
TV5 News1425SDFreeTV5 News
TV9 Telugu1427SDFreeTV9 Telugu
V6 News1436SDFreeV6 News
Zee Cinemalu1454SD₹11.80Zee Cinemalu
Zee Cinemalu HD1453HD₹18.88Zee Cinemalu HD
Zee Telugu1410SD₹22.42Zee Telugu
Zee Telugu HD1409HD₹22.42Zee Telugu HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Asianet Suvarna News1625SDFreeAsianet Suvarna News
Ayush TV1650SDFreeAyush TV
Colors Kannada1610SD₹22.42Colors Kannada
Colors Kannada Cinema1632SD₹2.36Colors Kannada Cinema
Colors Kannada HD1609HD₹22.42Colors Kannada HD
Colors Super1633SD₹3.54Colors Super
DD Chandana1699SDFreeDD Chandana
Dighvijay 24×7 News1644SDFreeDighvijay 24x7 News
Kannada Naaptol1635SDFreeKannada Naaptol
News18 Kannada1631SD₹0.12News18 Kannada
Public Movies1651SDFreePublic Movies
Public Music1639SDFreePublic Music
Public TV1628SDFreePublic TV
Raj Musix Kannada1636SDFreeRaj Musix Kannada
Raj News Kannada1640SDFreeRaj News Kannada
Sri Sankara TV1637SDFreeSri Sankara TV
Star Sports 1 Kannada1638SD₹22.42Star Sports 1 Kannada
Star Suvarna1617SD₹22.42Star Suvarna
Star Suvarna HD1616HD₹22.42Star Suvarna HD
Star Suvarna Plus1630SD₹5.90Star Suvarna Plus
TV5 Kannada1634SDFreeTV5 Kannada
TV9 Kannada1612SDFreeTV9 Kannada
Udaya Comedy1627SD₹7.08Udaya Comedy
Udaya Movies1606SD₹18.88Udaya Movies
Udaya Music1614SD₹7.08Udaya Music
Udaya TV1604SD₹20.06Udaya TV
Udaya TV HD1603HD₹22.42Udaya TV HD
Zee Kannada1621SD₹22.42Zee Kannada
Zee Kannada HD1620HD₹22.42Zee Kannada HD
Zee Picchar1641SD₹3.54Zee Picchar

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
Amrita TV1817SDFreeAmrita TV
Asianet HD1809HD₹22.42Asianet HD
Asianet Movies1815SD₹17.70Asianet Movies
Asianet News1811SDFreeAsianet News
Asianet Plus1812SD₹5.90Asianet Plus
DD Malayalam1899SDFreeDD Malayalam
God TV1843SDFreeGod TV
JaiHind Tv1830SDFreeJaiHind Tv
Janam TV1842SDFreeJanam TV
Jeevan TV1833SDFreeJeevan TV
Kairali TV1823SDFreeKairali TV
Kappa TV1834SDFreeKappa TV
Kaumudy TV1845SDFreeKaumudy TV
Manorama News1827SDFreeManorama News
Mathrubhumi News1829SDFreeMathrubhumi News
Mazhavil Manorama1820SDFreeMazhavil Manorama
Mazhavil Manorama HD1819HDFreeMazhavil Manorama HD
Media One TV1840SDFreeMedia One TV
News18 Kerala1848SD₹0.12News18 Kerala
Raj Musix Malayalam1852SDFreeRaj Musix Malayalam
Raj News Malayalam1853SDFreeRaj News Malayalam
Safari TV1838SDFreeSafari TV
Surya Comedy1854SD₹4.72Surya Comedy
Surya Movies1806SD₹12.98Surya Movies
Surya Music1836SD₹4.72Surya Music
Surya TV1804SD₹14.16Surya TV
Surya TV HD1803HD₹22.42Surya TV HD
Twenty four1855SDFreeTwenty four
We TV1847SDFreeWe TV
Zee Keralam1825SD₹0.12Zee Keralam
Zee Keralam HD1824HD₹9.44Zee Keralam HD

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPriceChannel Logo
DD Arunprabha1995SDFreeDD Arunprabha
DD Kashir1999SDFreeDD Kashir
DD Manipur1997SDFreeDD Manipur
DY 3651953SDFreeDY 365
Nepal 11956SDFreeNepal 1
News Live1955SDFreeNews Live
News18 Assam North East1954SD₹0.12News18 Assam North East
NK Tv 24×71977SD₹1.00NK Tv 24x7
North East Live1971SDFreeNorth East Live
Prag News1966SDFreePrag News

Tata Sky Channel Number 2021 – This article will show you how to find Tata Sky Channel List 2021 with Number, Price List and channel logo. Tata Sky has many HD channels in various categories, so it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through them all. The Tata Sky Channels Numbers will help to locate your favorite channel.

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