TAT Full Form

TAT Full Form

Full FormCategoryTerm
Turn Around TimeGeneralTAT
TUMMANAMGUTTAIndian Railway StationTAT
Turn-around TimeElectronicsTAT
Total Asset TurnoverAccounts and FinanceTAT
Technical Acceptance TeamSpace ScienceTAT
Poprad/tatryAirport CodeTAT
Test and TrialComputer HardwareTAT
Tactical Airlift TechnologyTechnologyTAT
Tactical Analysis TeamMilitary and DefenceTAT
Technical Assistance TeamMilitary and DefenceTAT
To Accompany TroopsMilitary and DefenceTAT
Technologies and TacticsMilitary and DefenceTAT

What does Turnaround Time (TAT), mean?

The time between the submission of a process and its completion is called the turnaround time (TAT). It can also be defined as the sum total of all the time spent waiting to access memory, queue execution and execution on CPU. In evaluating operating system scheduling algorithms, turnaround time is an important indicator.

Techopedia Explains Turnaround Time (TAT)

Simply put, the turnaround time of an application is the time it takes to deliver the desired output to the user. In a batch system context, turnaround time is the time required to form batches and print results. Turnaround time is a term that overlaps with lead times and contrasts with cycle time. The turnaround time can be expressed in units of time for a particular system state or at times for an algorithm. Different applications and programming languages have different turnaround times.

There are many factors that influence turnaround times, including:

  • Application requires memory
  • Time required to execute the application
  • The application requires resources
  • Environment for operation
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In the design of microprocessors and multiprocessor systems, it is important to have a quick turnaround time. Hardware design companies prefer faster turnaround designs because they offer better performance and computing speeds.

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