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Surah Al Mulk

Surat al-Mulk, the 67th chapter in the Quran, contains 30 verses. Surat al-Mulk emphasizes the fact that no one can force his will upon another person. He may only lead and set an example.

It is the prevention or punishment of the grave. Surah Mulk will intercede with Allah on the Day of Resurrection for the forgiveness of its Reciter. According to some, Allah will protect those who read Surah al Mulk every night from the torment of death.

Surah Al-Mulk Benefits That Every Muslim Should Know

2020-10-05The Holy Quran was compiled in 114 chapters. Each chapter of the Quran has specific blessings or benefits. Surah Al-Mulk, the 67th chapter in the Quran is one such blessed surah. Al-Mulk is a term that means “The Kingdom” (or “The Sovereignty”) of Allah (SWT). It is a Makkan Surah located in the 29th Para of Quran and contains 30 verses. This surah is primarily focused on affirming the Oneness of Allah (SWT), and strengthening believers’ faith.

Surah Al-Mulk belongs to the seventh group of surahs starting from this surah till the end of the Quran. This group’s theme is an admonition for the ………

The Holy Quran is divided into 114 chapters, or surahs. Each chapter of the Quran has specific blessings or benefits. Surah Al-Mulk, the 67th chapter in the Quran is one such blessed surah. Al-Mulk is “The Kingdom”.

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or “The Sovereignty of Allah” (SWT).

It is a Makkan Surah, which has 30 verses and is located in the 29th Para of Quran. This surah is primarily focused on affirming the

Unity (Tauheed), and strengthening faith among believers.

Surah Al-Mulk belongs to the seventh group of surahs starting from this surah till the end of the Quran. The theme

This group serves as an instruction to the Quraysh leadership about the afterlife of the world hereafter.

The good news of the Kingdom of Truth in Arabia to Prophet Muhammad ()

Surah Al-Mulk warns the Quraysh of their fate and actions on the Day of Judgement, if they refuse to acknowledge it

Messenger of Allah (). It is primarily concerned with belief in Allah (SWT), His Oneness, and divine power.


This surah was revealed by Makkah during a time when the defiance towards Prophet Muhammad () had increased greatly

Intense verbally. It was also revealed that idolaters used to calumniate Prophet Muhammad ().

Gabriel told Gabriel about the people Gabriel had slandered and what they did to him. Some used to say to

Others: “Lower Your Voices in Case Muhammad’s Allah Hears You”

Allah (SWT), has spoken in this surah of the sins committed by disbelievers, and the forgiveness and reward that is available to them

Those who repent of their wrongdoings and seek refuge in Him.

The Day of Judgement will reward the one who recites the Surah Al-Mulk. It is the protector of its reciter in this world and the world hereafter.

Concerning the many blessings of the recitation of it, Imam Ahmad (rDyllhnh), narrates that Abu Hurairah [rDyllhnh] said that the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said that there was a surah within the Quran that contains thirty verses that will intercede for its reciter, until he is forgiven, and then entered to Jannah.

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It is more beneficial to recite and memorize the verses of this surah along with the understanding of its meaning to

Increase prayer frequency and faith in the spiritual benefits of the cure. Concerning

Surah Al-Mulk is important. Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas reported that the Prophet

“I wish this Surah (Al Mulk) could be in every believer’s heart.”

The Prophet Muhammad () suggested that you recite the Surah Al-Mulk every night before you go to bed.

It prevents the penalty of the grave.

Abdullah Ibne-Mas’ood (May Allah bless Him) reported that the Messenger Of Allah () stated:

After his death, angels will visit the grave of the man and will stand at his feet to say: “You have no.”

Power over me, as he used recite surah Al-Mulk. Then they will reach his stomach or chest and say: “You

I have no power over you as he used recite surah Al Mulk.

It is therefore the protector against the punishment for the grave.”

Prophet Muhammad () stated: “Whoever reads Surah Al-Mulk every evening, Allah will protect him.”

Torment in the Grave

Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas reveals more benefits to surah Al-Mulk that protects the one who recites it every night.

(May Allah be pleased to Him) Narrates that the Messenger () said: “I found in the Quran.

Surah, thirty verses long, is for anyone who recites it before going to bed; thirty good deeds are written for him, thirty

He exonerates wrongdoings and raises him to thirty degrees. Allah (SWT), sends an angel to spread his wings above him

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Protect him from all dangers until he awakens.

A surah is a Quran verse that disputes until the Jannah.

Surah Al-Mulk protects its recipient from the pains and troubles of the present, in addition to the spiritual benefits.

The world. It is said that a person who recites it every day can be free from anxiety, distress, or other diseases. It brings joy, peace

Comfort to the life of the reciter.

The recitation Al-Mulk of surah Al-Mulk is a quick way to receive many blessings in a matter of minutes.

This surah protects the reciter against the suffering and punishment of the Day of Judgement, but also provides escorts

He should Jannah. This surah has many benefits. One must recite it every day and memorize it in order to reap the many benefits.

Make it your companion in the grave, and let it plead for Allah (SWT), and salvation in this world.


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