Strife: Meaning, Definition, Usages In Sentences, Examples

Strife Definition

“Strife” means fighting or arguing between people. It’s when there’s a lot of disagreement and conflict. It’s like when people are not getting along and there’s a lot of tension or fighting between them.

Strife Meaning

“Strife” refers to conflict, disagreement, or rivalry between individuals, groups, or parties. It often involves strong, heated disagreements or disputes and can lead to tension, hostility, or even open confrontations. Strife can occur in various contexts, such as relationships, workplaces, communities, or international affairs.

It implies a state of struggle or discord characterized by opposing viewpoints or interests.


  1. The ongoing strife between the two political parties has led to a gridlock in the decision-making process.
  2. The workplace became stressful due to the constant strife between the employees and their managers.
  3. The family experienced years of strife as they struggled to come to terms with their differences and find common ground.
  4. The historical period was marked by social and political strife, with protests and clashes between different groups.
  5. The neighborhood community worked hard to resolve the strife caused by disagreements over the construction of a new park.
  6. The team’s success was hampered by internal strife, as members couldn’t agree on the best course of action.
  7. The diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving the border dispute were hindered by the long-standing cultural and historical strife between the two nations.
  8. The school administration introduced conflict resolution programs to address the increasing strife among students.
  9. The company faced financial difficulties due to the economic strife caused by the recession.
  10. The church leaders preached messages of unity and understanding to address the religious strife within the congregation.

In these sentences, “strife” is used to describe situations where there is conflict, disagreement, or tension between individuals, groups, or entities.

Strife: Usages In Sentences

Certainly, here are sentences that use the word “strife”:

  1. The small village was known for its close-knit community, which rarely experienced any strife or conflicts.
  2. The political party’s internal strife weakened its unity and hindered its ability to present a strong front.
  3. The strained relationship between the two neighboring countries has led to years of ongoing strife.
  4. The company’s management implemented strategies to address workplace strife and promote a more harmonious environment.
  5. The family’s unity was tested during times of financial hardship, but they managed to overcome the strife together.
  6. The city council organized a meeting to address the community’s concerns and find solutions to local strife.
  7. The team captain worked hard to mediate the strife among teammates and foster a collaborative spirit.
  8. The historical documentary explored the social and cultural factors that contributed to the strife of a particular era.
  9. The singer’s music resonated with listeners due to its themes of hope and unity in times of social strife.
  10. The international organization was established to promote peace and prevent armed strife between nations.

In these sentences, “strife” is used to describe instances of conflict, tension, or disagreement in various contexts, such as politics, relationships, communities, and international affairs.

Strife Synonyms And Antonyms

Certainly, here are some synonyms and antonyms for “strife”:

Synonyms (similar meaning):

  • Conflict
  • Disagreement
  • Discord
  • Turmoil
  • Dispute
  • Contention
  • Tension
  • Rivalry
  • Friction
  • Clashes

Antonyms (opposite meaning):

  • Harmony
  • Agreement
  • Concord
  • Unity
  • Peace
  • Cooperation
  • Accord
  • Understanding
  • Amicability
  • Synergy

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