Sow: Definition, Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

Sow Definition

“Sow” means putting seeds into the ground so they can grow into plants. It’s like when you plant flower or vegetable seeds in your garden.

Sow Meaning

  1. Planting Seeds: It can refer to the act of planting seeds in the ground to grow plants. For example, farmers sow seeds in their fields to grow crops.
  2. Introduce: It can also mean to introduce or spread something, like ideas or actions. For example, you can sow the seeds of kindness by doing nice things for others.
  3. Female Pig: Lastly, “sow” is also a word used for a female pig, especially one that’s used for breeding.


  1. The farmer will sow corn seeds in the field next week to grow tall, healthy plants.
  2. She decided to sow sunflower seeds in her backyard to have beautiful flowers in the summer.
  3. By sharing positive messages, we can sow happiness and kindness in our community.
  4. The teacher hopes to sow a love for reading among her students by introducing them to interesting books.
  5. The gardener sowed a variety of herbs in the pots on the windowsill.

Usage In Sentences

  1. Every spring, the farmers sow different types of seeds to grow a variety of crops.
  2. She carefully sowed the flower seeds in neat rows in her garden.
  3. The teacher aims to sow the seeds of curiosity in her students’ minds by encouraging questions.
  4. The company’s philanthropic efforts aim to sow positive change in the local community.
  5. It’s important to sow good habits early in life to enjoy the benefits later on.


Planting Seeds:Introduce or Spread:Female Pig:
Female pig
Sow pig
Breeding pig
Mother pig
Brood sow

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