Souvenir: Definition, Meaning, Examples, Usage In English Sentences

souvenir Definition

A “souvenir” is a special thing you get to remember a place you visited or an event you went to. It’s like a little memory you can hold, like a keychain from a vacation or a shirt from a concert. It helps you remember the fun times you had.

souvenir Meaning

A “souvenir” is a keepsake or memento that is obtained or kept as a reminder of a specific place, event, or experience. Souvenirs are often purchased or collected when people travel to different locations or attend special occasions, and they serve as a way to remember and commemorate those moments.

Souvenirs can take various forms, such as small objects, tokens, postcards, clothing items, or other memorabilia that hold sentimental value due to their association with a particular memory or place.

souvenir Synonyms And Antonyms

Synonyms (similar meaning):

  • Keepsake
  • Memento
  • Remembrance
  • Token
  • Memory
  • Reminder
  • Relic
  • Commemorative item
  • Memorabilia
  • Trophy

Antonyms (opposite meaning):

  • Disposable item
  • Everyday object
  • Ordinary thing
  • Unremarkable item
  • Non-memorable item
  • Non-keepsake
  • Generic item
  • Commonplace object


  1. Postcards: Many tourists buy postcards as souvenirs to send to friends and family or keep as a memory of their travels.
  2. Keychains: Collecting keychains from different places is a popular way to have souvenirs that remind you of various locations you’ve visited.
  3. T-shirts: Tourists often buy T-shirts with the name or logo of a city or event as a souvenir to remember their trip.
  4. Snow Globes: These glass globes with miniature scenes inside are often bought as souvenirs to capture the essence of a particular place.
  5. Fridge Magnets: Souvenir magnets are placed on refrigerators as reminders of past travels or special events.
  6. Shot Glasses: Many people collect shot glasses from different places as a fun and functional souvenir.
  7. Local Crafts: Artisanal items like pottery, textiles, or jewelry can serve as unique souvenirs that represent the culture of a region.
  8. Concert Tickets: Keeping a ticket stub from a memorable concert can serve as a souvenir of that night’s experience.
  9. Sea Shells: Collecting sea shells from a beach is a simple yet meaningful way to have a natural souvenir.
  10. Event Programs: Programs from concerts, plays, or sporting events can be cherished souvenirs of special occasions.

Souvenir: Usage In English Sentences

  1. During their vacation, they bought a beautiful seashell as a souvenir to remember their time at the beach.
  2. She picked up a souvenir keychain from the gift shop as a small token of her visit to the historical site.
  3. The museum offered a range of souvenirs, from postcards to replica artifacts, for visitors to take home.
  4. Whenever he travels, he makes it a point to bring back a unique souvenir that represents the culture of the place he visited.
  5. The concertgoers were given commemorative T-shirts as souvenirs to remember the special event.
  6. The snow globe she bought in Paris serves as a lovely souvenir of her trip to the city of lights.
  7. While exploring the local markets, they discovered handcrafted ceramics that made for perfect souvenirs to decorate their home.
  8. The festival attendees could purchase personalized souvenirs with their names engraved on them.
  9. As a fan of the show, he was thrilled to find a souvenir mug featuring his favorite TV series.
  10. The pressed penny machine at the amusement park allowed visitors to create unique souvenirs with images of their favorite rides.

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