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Special Investigation Teams (SIT) are an elite team of Indian police officers that is trained to investigate serious criminal acts. When the existing investigation agencies are unable to properly investigate the case, the SIT is created. SIT’s sole purpose is to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrator to justice. SIT can be organized by any court, central or state government.

NTPC Full Form in Hindi| NTPC: National Thermal Power Corporation

SIT stands to be Special Investigation Team. This is an Indian special investigation agency that is assigned to investigate a particular case.

SIT full form

This is typically when the case is against high-profile individuals or if the agency cannot properly investigate the case.

The constitution does not specify which type of case can be assigned to SIT. This agency is often assigned high-profile cases. The SIT is currently investigating the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case and the Gujarat riot case.

The state government or the Supreme Court can appoint a special investigation team. The team investigates the case and prepares a report for the court. The report is subject to scrutiny at every stage of appeal. The court can accept or reject the report. If the court rejects a report, the appellate court will be the final authority to decide the case’s fate.

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SIT in its entirety isThe Special Investigation Team. SIT is a committee that is appointed to investigate any case in which the investigation was not done properly by the existing agency.

The constitution does not specify which form of a case should be assigned to an SIT. This team is usually assigned to high-profile cases. The SIT will first submit its report to Court of the First Instance. The Court’s board will then decide whether to accept or reject the document.

  • SIT is a group of trained Indian law enforcement officers that are equipped to handle serious crime investigations.
  • SIT is employed when the agency is unable to conduct fair investigations in the specific case or if it is brought against high-profile individuals that could impact the agency’s investigation.
  • If a case is brought to the Court, and it discovers that existing agencies aren’t going the way they should, the Court will hire a unit in order to investigate the issue.
  • The government of India or the Supreme Court of India appoints the SIT.
  • The team is currently investigating the case and preparing a report to court attendance.
  • This report is open to scrutiny at all levels.
  • The Court can approve or deny the report.
  • If the recommendation is rejected or not approved, it will be up to the appeals jury as to decide the future of the case.


SIT is currently investigating the Gujarat riot and 1984 anti-Sikh Riot.

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Team of Baghsewania Police, Crime Branch, Cyber Cell to Lead Investigations

BHOPALTo crack cases relating to land frauds in the (SIT Full Form in Hindi) capital, a special investigation team (SIT), has been formed. The probe into land fraud would be led by investigators from Baghsewania’s police station, Bhopal’s crime branch and cyber cell. After noticing striking similarities in two cases of landfraud, the decision to create SIT was made.

DSP Neetu Thkur, who heads the SIT, stated that the accused in two cases could have been involved in other land fraud cases. However, we are currently looking into two cases.

Two cases of land fraud were reported at the Bilkhiria and Baghsewania police stations, respectively.

RP Jain is a Chhattisgarh-based complaintant and retired bureaucrat. He told police that he saw a sale advertisement for his land in a newspaper. Jain is the owner of a 0.25-acre parcel in Baghmughalia. Advertisement stated that the land Jain owned was up for sale and belonged to someone he does not know.

The complainant then filed a complaint to Baghsewania Police. Bilkhiria police reported a similar case. The complainant claimed that a newspaper advertisement for his land was published.

Because there are multiple complaints, the team now includes cops from crime branch, police and cyber cells to investigate cases.

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