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Simple Past Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. You need to choose one correct option from the given multiple options.

Keep in mind the formula of simple past tense and solve the exercise.

Subject + V2 + object

Let’s start!

He did not _______ me.

The lion _______ after the zebra.

My bike _______ out of order in the way.

My grandma _______ tell a story.

I _______ your e-mail yesterday.

When did you _______ Glasgow?

I _______ to talk to her.

The firm _______ me certificate on a good performance.

It _______ yesterday morning.

The museum _______ ancient and historical items.

She _______ English grammar rules.

They _______ football yesterday

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  1. How much did you miss me?
  2. He did not find me.
  3. The lion ran after the zebra.
  4. My bike went out of order in the way.
  5. My grandma used to tell a story.
  6. She met me in train.
  7. I received your e-mail yesterday.
  8. When did you reach Glasgow?
  9. I wanted to talk to her.
  10. She did fulfill her promise.
  11. The firm awarded me certificate on a good performance.
  12. It drizzled yesterday morning.
  13. The museum bought ancient and historical items.
  14. She studied English grammar rules.
  15. They played football yesterday.

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