Shudder Definition, Meaning, Usage In Sentences, Examples

Shudder Definition

“Shudder” is when your body shakes a little without you wanting it to. This can happen when you’re scared, cold, or feel something strong. Imagine if you heard a loud noise that surprised you – you might shudder for a moment, like a quick shake.

Shudder Meaning

“Shudder” means to shake or tremble involuntarily, often because of fear, discomfort, or a strong emotional reaction. It’s a quick, involuntary movement of the body that happens when you feel a strong sensation, such as coldness or a strong emotion.

For example, if you suddenly hear a loud noise that scares you, you might shudder in response. It’s like a quick shiver or tremble.

Usage In Sentences

  1. The creepy sound in the dark forest made me shudder.
  2. As the cold wind blew through the open window, I couldn’t help but shudder.
  3. She shuddered at the thought of entering the haunted house.
  4. The movie’s suspenseful scene made the audience shudder in anticipation.
  5. The unexpected news caused a shudder of disbelief among the crowd.
  6. Whenever I see a spider, I can’t help but shudder; I’m really scared of them.
  7. The eerie silence in the abandoned building made me shudder with unease.
  8. He couldn’t help but shudder when he touched the icy water.
  9. The memory of the accident still makes me shudder.
  10. The ghost story was so scary that it gave me a shudder down my spine.


  1. The sudden thunderclap made the little child shudder and cling to their parent.
  2. When the horror movie reached its climax, the audience collectively shuddered at the shocking twist.
  3. As the chilly breeze swept through the open doorway, I felt a shudder run down my back.
  4. The haunted house tour was so realistic that even the bravest visitors couldn’t help but shudder at the spooky sights.
  5. Hearing the news of the earthquake made me shudder with concern for my friends in the affected area.
  6. The memory of the car accident made him shudder whenever he passed by the intersection.
  7. Sarah couldn’t help but shudder when she touched the slimy texture of the snail.
  8. Every time the old floorboards creaked, the old house seemed to shudder as if it had a life of its own.
  9. The eerie silence of the abandoned amusement park sent a shudder through anyone who dared to venture inside.
  10. The story of the shipwreck and the crew’s struggle to survive in the freezing waters made me shudder at the harsh conditions they faced.


  1. Tremble
  2. Quiver
  3. Shake
  4. Shiver
  5. Quake
  6. Convulse
  7. Jerk
  8. Twitch
  9. Flutter
  10. Jolt

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