Session: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Usage In Sentences

Session Definition

A “session” is like a block of time set for doing something specific. It could be a meeting, a class, or even playing a game. It’s when people come together for a certain activity during a certain amount of time.

Session Meaning

A “session” refers to a specific period of time set aside for a particular activity, event, or purpose. It often involves a group of people gathering together to engage in a planned activity or discussion. Sessions can vary in length and can be formal or informal.

They are commonly used for meetings, classes, workshops, therapy appointments, and various other activities where people come together to focus on a specific task or topic during a defined time frame.


  1. Therapy: Sarah has a therapy session every Tuesday to talk about her feelings.
  2. Music: The band had a practice session to prepare for their upcoming concert.
  3. School: The math session helped the students understand the difficult concept.
  4. Meeting: The team had a brainstorming session to come up with new ideas.
  5. Fitness: I go to the gym for a workout session every morning.
  6. Online Learning: The online coding session taught participants how to create a website.
  7. Gaming: We had a gaming session where we played video games together for hours.
  8. Workshop: The painting session allowed people to create their own artwork.
  9. Conference: The conference had multiple breakout sessions for different topics.
  10. Healthcare: The doctor’s session was informative, answering all our medical questions.

Usage In Sentences

  1. The yoga session helped me relax and stretch my muscles.
  2. The therapy session allowed me to talk about my worries and get advice.
  3. During the study session, we reviewed for the upcoming exam.
  4. The photography session captured beautiful moments of the family.
  5. I attended a coding session to learn how to create websites.
  6. The workshop had a hands-on session where we practiced woodworking.
  7. The conference had different sessions discussing technology trends.
  8. The workout session at the gym left me feeling energized.
  9. The gaming session with friends was full of laughter and excitement.
  10. In the painting session, we used different colors to create a vibrant masterpiece.

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