Selenophile Meaning In Hindi – हिंदी अर्थ व्याख्या

Selenophile Meaning In Hindi

यूज़र्स जो सेलेनोफाईल करते हैं वे व्यक्तियों हैं जो सूर्यास्त, झूलों, चंद्रमा आदि की तुलना-प्रतिक्रियाओं में प्रोफ़ेशनल होते हैं। ये व्यक्ति जिस अभिधान को काफी स्मृतियों की झूलों सेन्ट्रल होती है, वे सेलेनोफाईल के नाम से जाने जाते हैं।

सेलेनोफाइल (Selenophile) शब्द का अर्थ है – चंद्रमा प्रेमिक या प्रेमी। यह शब्द जुलाई 2006 में शुरू हुआ था,

इनमें India भी शामिल है, जिसमें सेलेनोफाइल शब्द का हिन्दी में अर्थ है – ‘चंद्रमा प्रेमिक या प्रेमी’। चंद्रमा के प्रेमी को सेलेनोफाइल कहा जाता है, क्योकि ये लोग चंद्रमा के किसी स्वरूप, आकर्षण या महत्त्व के लिए आकर्षित होते हैं। आज भी, लोगों ने चंद्रमा का प्रेरणा लेकर अधिक प्रोत्सावना की है।

Selenophile” हिंदी अनुवाद, अर्थ, परिभाषा, स्पष्टीकरण और प्रासंगिक शब्द और फोटो उदाहरण – आप यहां पढ़ सकते हैं।


  1. Selenophile meaning

    ♪ : [Selenophi]

    • संज्ञा : noun

      • जो चाँद से प्यार करता है
    • व्याख्या : Explanation

      • हिंदी की परिभाषा जल्द ही जोड़ दी जाएगी

Sometimes referred to as a philoselene moon-loving person who completely, positivelyloves the moon. It is also certain that they have selenophilia, a affectionate love of the moon.Sometimes referred to as a philoselene the moon-living person who adores the moon and its dark voids. It is also certain that they have xenophilia and are learned that smudges can’t dull the glimmer of the moon.

You may you be wondering, ” great, I now kinda know what Selenophile meaning means, but I’m still not sure where exactly the name selenophile comes from?

You and I both…at at least until the last couple of days.

A few hours after an exhausting day of drooling and imagining awe-inspiring celestial jewelry…I was searching for “moon jewelry.”

After another interminable period of scrolling as well as bookmarking my pages, I discovered myself on a new Google web-based search (do you also do this? )..

The last time I checked, it was looking for “moon quotes.”

A few interesting images were discovered, but they weren’t compelling enough to keep me on my toes and think.

Before I realized it, in just a millisecond, my mind had switched from Google’s search page to my favorite Pinterest.

Scanning through the stunning, vibrant collection of pins my eyes were enticed into.

It’s almost like a soft Internet whisper (yes it’s true, it’s a thing LOL)

This pin contacted me…and it was “right.”

It was called “Selenophile meaning ” with a large boho/bohemain font that caught my eye–set on what I would describe as an exotic. It was a richly-colored, artistic background.

The backdrop was little something similar to this:

Gorgeous Isn’t it?

Instantly , my mind was halted;

interested, I ran over to Google again, this time in search of an actual definition as it was a cryptic and a bit jarring word that I did not understand the meaning of.

Then, it was intriguing enough for me to delve deeper into the meaning of HTML0.

At this point, I had absolutely nothing about the term although I am a voracious reader, a nerdy, loving bookworm.

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After going through the initial list of terms, I started to comprehend and learn.

If you’re into the ancient Greek mythology, you likely have a good idea that various gods (“gods as well as goddesses”) are accountable for and in charge of various earthly elements as well as celestial bodies (i.e planets as well as constellations, stars as well as satellites)


In this instance the term Selenophile meaning comes heavily on Greek moon mythology in which Selene is seated on the throne of the Greek goddess of the moon.

#bossbabe (is it what children are doing these days? *shrugs*)

It began to make more sense to me as to what this term became a thing ( read that again because a little rhyme can go quite a ways to make a difference)

It was a pleasure to read through the books and lists during my free time; I was happy to know that many people were aware of what selenophile really meant.

Also, they were making use of it and creating an online community around it…albeit the community was not entirely new…

As I continued to read I was constantly learning.

As far as in separating the term Selenophile meaning down to its most fundamental parts.

Are you prepared to take on it?

The suffix”embedded” – “phile” in selenophile originates in the Greek “philos” which means affectionate.

Combining moon goddess’ name, Selene, and the suffix, we get selenophile-amoon admirer.

It does not matter if you are a follower of or are a believer in Greek mythology (I absolutely do not) and it doesn’t have any influence on whether or not you be identified as a Selenophile meaning or not.

As you’ll see I have spent in a significant amount of my time studying and understanding the source of selenophile. from.

And despite all that time and effort by me, the nerd within me did not stop there. 

She went on, and on continuing to go…

Therefore, I took it a step further, and decided for other terms people might use to replace selenophile.

Although not as well-known there are also the term philoselene (mentioned in the past) to refer to selenophile.

However, unlike selenophile Philoselene isn’t as well-known or extensively employed…

It’s simply a tiny change in the word, but it has the exact same significance as the selenophile.

After this, I thought that I had ended the extent of my “research” to better understand what selenophile is and how it got its name.

Buuuuuuuut I am a curious and passionate woman, I was prevented from going to the end of the road.

I continued my search and journey to discover further! Okay – put it down!

The only thing I had to do was to begin looking for different names, including Philoselene, which was being used in lieu of Selenophile meaning .

Moon child has the name.

Moon child is used by women similarly to how they employ selenophile as well as the philoselene.

Find out more in the coming post to learn details about the moon child as well as the connection it has to being Selenophile meaning .

What type of features are selenophiles characterized by?

Selenophile’s characteristics are truthfully differ from selenophiles to selenophiles;

similar to fruits that spring directly from the same tree, have similarities, but they also have minor distinctions that make them distinctive.

The same goes for selenophiles.

I’m not taking the cookie-cutter approach of packaging and labeling a selenophile’s traits.

So, I would like to invite you to consider the possibility of investigating a few different ways that selenophiles appear all over the world. 

In addition to selenophilia there are at most three common traits that Selenophile meaning have in varying degree of intensity

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Selenophiles are:

The contemplative Deep thinker

The observant; a skeptic of truth and a lover of life

Introspective; self-reflective

In the end selenophiles are from every walk of life…and have a wide range of interests, but with an adoration and love shared of moonlight.

What is the kind of environment do selenophiles thrive in?

No one’s delight, each selenophile is distinct as she expresses her self in a variety of ways.

As with all individuals selenophile, a selenophile could be either introverted or extroverted ….

To eliminate some myths and misinformation I’ve heard on the radio Ladies, let’s be real.

I’ve used the term introverted to refer to a selenophile who is energized when by herself or in tiny groups.

Imagine it less as a woman who is afraid of crowds and more like an individual or a soul that’s rejuvenated in the solitude of her own.

I’m using the term “extroverted” to refer to her enjoyment when around other people and is more comfortable in with them for long durations of time.

It’s not an excessively talkative person who likes to draw attention…but someone who is a woman and a person who is energized by to be around other people.

Many people mistake introversion for shyness , or anti-social behavior.

It’s a complete fabrication.

Introverts are just people who feel more energized when they are in solitude…

They love socializing and interacting with people, but are exhausted when they don’t have time to recharge.

typically, this time alone is longer and more active in introverts than is in extroverts.

Extroverts can also be misinterpreted to be confident, loud and confident. They are also known as outgoing.

Although they are thriving and are excited by the company of others but not all extroverts are confident and loud.

Some people are more introverted and shy however they are able to thrive in large group and with lots of people for long, long durations for a period of.


This is based on whether a person is an introvert or extrovert, the environment she has for flourishing is distinctive.

Naturally when she’s in a space that has moon-themed decorations, images or decorations, either extrovert or introverted the woman feels a sense of belonging and security, and is likely to make a smile from in her the ear.

Selenophile meaning is from where and how many years has it been in existence?

It’s interesting to study the origin of the word?

How did they come in the first place?

It’s to me..I often wonder what the person thinking when they decided to use that word…this letter combination?

It’s a curious cookie I decided to investigate the first place that selenophile was used and also who was the first to start using it.

To be honest I was quite awestruck at what I saw

In my time machine I dialed it back to a couple of notches and BAM!

I went through entire writings on selenophile…well everything I could bear

That, let me say, is a bit of a surprise. A Lot.

In my search I came across many interesting objects.

It is out…the first time that we have ever documented (on the Internet) selenophile usage was in the year 2015, but before that , it was selenophillic earlier in 2012.

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seven year ago!

February 14, 2012 – ahh Valentine’s Day

According to the good old Google on the 14th of February 2012, a piece of writing that was co-authored by the local school’s Board…

Do you remember what you did on the day of February 14th of 2012? Let’s take a moment and think at the past…

Do you remember? My memory is hazy and I’ll require some more time to quiet my mind so that I can truly remember the day but that’s another day.

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Anyway, this community college’s board of directors used the term selenophillic.

Selenophillic can be closely associated with selenophilia. sort of obvious…but does not have the same meaning.

Their meeting notes for the board was about a plethora of things that I don’t know about lol

In addition, they approved a biomedical grant to advance research into the environmental and health effects of a group of fungi. They refer to them as selenophillic fungi…OK.

Ahem…are are you here?

The term was used to refer to creatures who love, and I am referring to love selenium, among the elements that was created by the earth’s mother.

Short story I was shocked that they used selenophillic in this way.

Then I kept searching ….and searching and searching. Then I found another time that selenophile or another similar term was mentioned.

This time, it was actually selenophile not selenophillic. YAY!

But, they were using it to refer to moon lovers. Aww

Selenophile’s first time was first used?

Similar to what happened with the paper I discovered in the hands of several scientists on the 5th of October (2014). Published October 16, 2014.

The whole paper was about sciency-related stuff. I won’t go into the lengthy details, but be aware that their work focused on selenium’s use for the benefit of the human body  as well as for the treatment of cancer

In their paper, they dedicate their research to a doctor they described as a lifetime selenophile…in their words selenium, a person who is a lover.


Yeah. This isn’t exactly what I had hoped for I was expecting, but alas…I continued to dig!

It turns out that in the beginning of January, 2015, people had begun using the term selenophile to refer to a moon lover…there was a real blog named selenophile (probably the first?) featuring a striking logo black and extravagant gothic letters.

I’m not sure the reason for this sudden shift in terms, but it’s sort of interesting to find out what caused the word to change rapidly and in such a short amount of time.

In my research I noticed that as of the 24th of June, 2015 most definitely on July 25, 2015, people were noticing selenophile.

and using it to refer to moon lovers.

I’m still unable to figure out the reason suddenly selenophile was transformed from a moon lover to selenium fan *shrugs*

By the year 2017, selenophile had been used to refer to moon lover…at at least on a larger scale.

Today I’ve only discovered one site that uses selenophile to refer to selenium lover…and it’s the Merriam Webster dictionary.

It appears that their definition of selenophile remains focused on selenium However, most people are using selenophile in an entirely different manner.

Selenophile, to us, is a name for a person, however, one who has a passion and a love for moonlight.

Selenophile’s origins are unclear. Connecting all of it!

As we have defined previously selenophile is a mixture of two components: a name as well as the suffix.

In other words, Selene Selene, The Greek goddess of moon, and the Greek suffix philos.

Sometimes, people use the word philoselene as a reference to moon lover the same way as they selenophile.

Now, I am wondering whether Webster will be able to take note of this and then incorporate our widely used definition of selenophile in place of the current definition:

“a plant that when growing in a seleniferous soil tends to take up selenium in quantities greater than can be explained on a basis of chance.”

The is sealed with a moon kiss

Do you have the feeling of selenophile? If yes, what is the reason? Before this, did you have any idea of what the word selenophile is a reference to and what it means?

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