Selenium Meaning In Telugu – తెలుగు అర్థం వివరణ

Selenium” తెలుగు అనువాదం, అర్థం, నిర్వచనం, వివరణ మరియు సంబంధిత పదాలు మరియు ఫోటో ఉదాహరణలు – మీరు ఇక్కడ చదువుకోవచ్చు.

  1. Selenium

    ♪ : /səˈlēnēəm/

    • నామవాచకం : noun

      • సెలీనియం
      • Matimam
      • వినికిడి యొక్క విద్యుద్విశ్లేషణ కెపాసిటెన్స్ యొక్క సల్ఫర్-గ్రూప్ నేపథ్య మూలకం
    • వివరణ : Explanation

      • అణు సంఖ్య 34 యొక్క రసాయన మూలకం, సెమీకండక్టింగ్ లక్షణాలతో బూడిద రంగు స్ఫటికాకార నాన్ మెటల్.
      • సల్ఫర్ మరియు టెల్లూరియంకు సంబంధించిన విషపూరిత నాన్మెటాలిక్ మూలకం; అనేక అలోట్రోపిక్ రూపాల్లో సంభవిస్తుంది; స్థిరమైన బూడిద రంగు లోహ అలోట్రోప్ చీకటిలో కంటే కాంతిలో విద్యుత్తును బాగా నిర్వహిస్తుంది మరియు ఫోటోసెల్ లలో ఉపయోగించబడుతుంది; సల్ఫైడ్ ఖనిజాలలో (పైరైట్ వలె) సంభవిస్తుంది
  2. Selenium

    ♪ : /səˈlēnēəm/

    • నామవాచకం : noun

      • సెలీనియం
      • Matimam
      • వినికిడి యొక్క విద్యుద్విశ్లేషణ కెపాసిటెన్స్ యొక్క సల్ఫర్-గ్రూప్ నేపథ్య మూలకం



The Pasminco operation produces lead, zinc selenium, cadmium , copper Sulphate and sulphuric Acid.

The chemical element of the atomic number 34. It is an atomically-detected gray nonmetal that has semiconducting properties.


The duration of clinical mastitis diminished in the cows who were who were supplemented with vitamin E and’selenium’ .

There is no control mechanism to regulate selenium absorption, and’selenium is very absorbable.

Lead,’selenium’ , sulfur and tellurium are used in the copper alloys in order to increase the machinability.

It is also a good source of nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin B12 folate,’selenium as well as zinc.

In a related aspect that mercury within the body is known to block or block’selenium’ enzymes.

The majority of farmers are adding “selenium as well as copper, zinc and Iodine to the water they use.

The antioxidant Glutathione Peroxidase that contains glutathione as well as’selenium’.

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When she was writing the story, she added “selenium” and chromium to her daily supplementation regimen.

Zinc and “selenium” are two essential elements utilized by enzymes in the body.

It is the Pasminco production facility produces zinc, lead Cadmium, “selenium,” copper sulphate, and sulfuric acid.

The most frequent trace element deficiencies found in cattle are copper,’selenium as well as iodine and cobalt.

Numerous studies have proven that supplemental “selenium” has anti-cancer properties.

Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are high in’selenium as well as vitamin E as well as calcium and zinc.

The colloidal elemental’selenium’ as well as metal selenides aren’t available to plants.

Vitamin C is not able to function by itself. It requires vitamin E,’selenium as well as a variety of other micronutrients that work together.

A variety of species of plants are able to absorb metallic elements such as zinc,’selenium’, and nickel from the soil , and to make them more concentrated within their tissues.

Recently, “selenium” and tellurium have been identified as important impurities.

The organic version of’selenium has been proven to be more efficient than sodium selenite for the purpose of reproducing animals.

Vegan diets may be low in iodine as well as’selenium However, this will depend on the soil on which the plants are planted.

Children who are severely malnourished are frequently lacking in vitamin A as well as iron, zinc and copper. Folic acid, zinc and’selenium’ .

They have created rod-shaped nanometre scale crystals made of two semi-conductors: Cadmium “selenide” and cadmium.

Selenium and colloidal elements “selenides” are not accessible to plants.

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These crystals , commonly referred to as quantum dots constructed from semiconductor materials Cadmium “selenide” encased in the shell of zinc sulfur.

It also mixes with various metals to make selenides, or compounds such as magnesium’selenide’ (MgSe).

They are made of materials like calcium fluoride AMTIR, sapphire and zinc’selenide’ and germanium.

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