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All branches of SBI and other branches have begun replacing magnetic stripe ATM cards by chip-based cards. It is now mandatory that only chip-based cards are allowed, as per the new RBI rule. You will need to replace your card with a new one. SBI has already created the new card and will send it to you at your registered address. 

You can check the status of your new atm card online if you received a message that it is being dispatched. This post will explain how to track your SBI debit card status and tracking it online using your computer or phone.

Tracking your SBI debit card – Step by step guide ( sbi debit card tracking )

Step 1:Open your mobile SMS app and take down the tracking number for postage.

Step 2:Open Speed Post Tracking Website on your computer browser or phone.

Step 3:Click hereTrack ConsignmentOption from the page

Step 4:Enter your Tracking Number and answer the Security Question. Click on the next buttonSearchClick here

Step5After the tracking number has been verified, the status of your SBI ATM card will be displayed on your screen.

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Step 6:It is easy to find out the current status of your card (where’s my card now), the starting point of the shipment, and the destination (your address). This will give you an idea of when your card will arrive at your house.

These six simple steps will allow you to quickly access SBI debit card tracking information on your computer/phone.

After the card has been delivered to you, activate it and generate the pin to make ATM and online payments with the new card.

How do I activate my SBI debit card? How do I generate an SBI ATM PIN?

Three ways can you generate an ATM PIN or activate your SBI ATM card.

Internet Banking

You can find our detailed guide to activating SBI atm cards.How To Activate SBI Debit Card?


You can now track your SBI debit card status and tracking details from your smartphone. It is now possible to check your card status online and activate your card from your own home. You can reach us via the comments section below if you have any questions about your new SBI ATM Card.


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