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how to activate sbi debit card

These PIN mailers disguised the PIN number by using scratch-off panels to send customers the PIN for credit or debit cards.

Customers can now generate their pin using green PINs.These have replaced the traditional method of creating PINs.

Please note that Green PIN, which is typically sent to your through an SMS, is not the actual PIN. You will need the same to generate your actual PIN once it has been received.

SBI offers several ways to generate the Green PIN. This can then be used for your actual PIN.

How to create an ATM PIN for SBI Card

  • By visiting SBI ATM
  • By sending an SMS
  • By calling SBI customer care
  • Using SBI net banking

Let’s see how to generate SBI Green PIN through the above channels. Then, we will show you how to generate debit card PIN.

How to get your SBI Card PIN at SBI ATM ( how to activate new sbi atm card in atm machine )

After you have received your SBI ATM Cum debit card, go to any SBI ATM near you. To generate an SBI Green PIN at ATM, follow the steps below

  • In the ATM, insert your debit card
  • Choose ‘PIN GenerationOptional
  • Enter your username and password.11-digit account numberEnter the same using the keypad and click ‘ Enter the same keypad information and click “Confirm“.
  • Your name will be required.Register mobile numberEnter the same information and hit ‘Confirm“.
  • If you have entered the correct details, the next screen will display “Your green PIN will soon be delivered to your registered number”
  • To see a second message, press ‘Confirm’. It will say that ‘Your Green Pin generation was successful’ and that you will receive the same to your mobile number.
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Note ;- A message will be sent to your mobile phone with a one-time PIN (OTP), which essentially is the Green PIN.

Re-insert the SBI card, then follow the steps to generate your debit card PIN with the Green PIN.

  • Insert the SBI card into the ATM
  • Choose ‘Banking’
  • Based on your choices, choose from English, Hindi or a regional language
  • Next, enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile.
  • Choose“PIN Change”Option from the‘Select TransactionMenu
  • Re-confirm your PIN by entering a four-digit new number
  • If the process succeeds, you will receive a message stating that “Your PIN was successfully changed”

This PIN is then used to create your SBI ATM card’s actual PIN. It can be used for all card transactions, including cash withdrawal and online transactions.

How to generate a SBI Card PIN via SMS

You can also send a simple message to the registered mobile number to generate the Green PIN.

  • SMS PIN ABCD EFFGHTo illustrate, EFGH stands for the last four digits (ABCD is the last four digits) of the debit card number.567676
  • After the SMS has been sent, an OTP will be sent to the same number. This OTP is valid for two days. You can use it to generate your debit card pin by visiting any SBI ATM by following the steps above.

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How to generate a SBI card PIN by calling SBI Customer Care

Alternatively, you can call SBI credit card customer care helpline to receive card PIN on your registered mobile numbers.

  • SBI customer service can be reached at 1800 11 22 11, 1800 425 3800, or 080-26599990.
  • Follow these instructions to select the ‘ATM & Prepaid Card Services’ option
  • To generate a Green PIN, select ‘1″.
  • Enter your debit card number and confirm.
  • Enter the account number associated with the debit card and confirm.
  • After you have confirmed all details, you will receive an SMS containing a one-time PIN (OTP). This will be valid for two days. During this time, you can visit any SBI ATM to get your debit card PIN.

How to generate a SBI Debit Card PIN via Internet Banking

The above mentioned channels require that you visit SBI ATM in order to generate SBI card pin, but the internet banking option allows for you to do the exact same thing from your SBI online banking account.

Existing SBI internet banking customers can follow this process to generate your ATM card’s or debit card’s PIN online

  • Login to SBI Online using your account credentials
  • Select the menu item you want.‘e-Services> ATM Card Services’
  • The ATM Card Services page contains the following:Select ‘ATM Pin Generation’
  • Choose“Using a One-Time Password”Or‘Using your Profile Password
  • Choose‘Using Profile Password’Click on the appropriate bank account to be redirected.Click “Submit”
  • Choose theSBI debit cardClick hereClick ‘Confirm’
  • Your details will be used to“ATM PIN Generation”Page, where you will need to enter any 2 digits in order to create a new pin. Click the button to enter the numbers.Click “Submit”
  • An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number, with 2 digits.
  • Next, enter theYou have selected 2 digitsEarlier2 digits were sent to you by SMSClick hereClick “Submit”
  • A message will appear stating that your ATM PIN was successfully changed.

Once you have received your new PIN, it is time to log in to‘e-Services>> ATM Card Services > New ATM card activation’To activate the card. You can also activate the card by making your first transaction at any SBI ATM.

SBI’s Green PIN Initiative

Most banks offer a PIN which allows card use at ATMs or point-of-sale terminals. Ever since banks started issuing debit card or credit card PINs, PIN mailers have been the most popular delivery method. PIN mailers conceal the PIN number using scratch-off panels that can also be used to reveal any tampering attempts.

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PIN mailers are usually sent by courier or postal service to cardholders. Some banks have started to mail PINs directly from the bank to customers, by including them into their welcome kit. If the card holder wishes to change his/her PIN, he/she must visit the branch to request an ATM PIN renewal request.

Although sending an ATM PIN or debit card PIN via PIN mailers is the most popular banking practice, there are risks and costs associated with it. Bank employees must keep ATM PINs in physical custody. If the mailer is damaged or stolen during transit, banks will need to send a replacement PIN. Customers will have to go to their bank branches to get their PIN regenerated.

Green PIN – An electronic debit card PIN generation

Banks have created a new feature called “Green PIN” to avoid these kinds of situations. It’s a green method to generate a debit-card PIN. Cardholders can create their own debit card PIN using the Green PIN feature.


State Bank of India (SBI), following tradition, launched “SBI Green PIN” to provide customers with an easy and convenient method to generate debit card PINs.

SBI Green PIN, a part of its green initiative, is a step towards paperless banking. Both customers and employees will benefit from it. While the bank employees who take care of the ATM PIN deliveries can be deployed to other bank operations, SBI customers can enjoy the convenience of generating/regenerating ATM PINs at their own comfort.

This feature reduces the bank’s carbon footprint as well as enables them to save significant money.

FAQs about SBI Pin Generation


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