SBI DD Application Form Slip PDF

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Slip for SBI DD Application Form

  • You must mention your branch name when you apply for the demand draft in the upper left corner of the right-hand side counterfoil.
  • Next, tick the box “Draft” to indicate that you are applying for demand draft.
  • In the “In Favour of” box, please mention the name of the account or person to whom you would like to pay the DD.
  • In other words, write down the amount for which you would like to draw the DD.
    Mention the State Bank Branch number where the DD will go under the heading “Payable (branch).”
  • If the amount exceeds Rs. 50, fill in the PAN number of the applicant. 50,000
  • In the provided space, enter the details such as “name and address” of the applicant.
  • In the rectangular area on the right, fill in the amounts in figures.
  • Below the amount in figures, you will find the exchange column. Here you can mention the commission amount that the bank charges. You will be charged a different amount depending on the amount of the Demand draft. Ask the bank officer for the exchange amount.
  • The Totale is finally placed in the rectangle below the exchange. Addition of the exchange and DD.
  • The applicant must sign the application form.
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