sbi bank statement online and offline?

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SBI is India’s largest bank. SBI provides many services to customers both online and offline. You will need the CIF number for your account to access certain services. This number is unique to each customer. It can be used for all accounts at SBI, in any branch. This article will explain how to obtain the CIF number from SBI online or offline.

What is a CIF number? CIF number in full form in SBI ( sbi bank statement download )

Customer Information File (CIF), is the unique number that every customer has. CIF number is used to store all of your account and personal details in the SBI database. This number allows you to track transactions and identify all your accounts. This CIF number is generally not required for customers, but it may be required in certain cases.

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What is the CIF number?

SBI branch transfer is one example of a service that requires a CIF number. If you want to transfer your account from one SBI branch to another branch, then you need to know your CIF number.

How do I get my SBI CIF number online ( sbi bank statement online )

You can check your CIF number online using two methods.

  1. SBI App Available Anywhere
  2. SBI internet banking

Method 1 – How do I check my SBI CIF number using the SBI anywhere App (Now Yono Lite).

1.The SBI anywhere app can be downloaded and installed from the App store or playstore.

2.Register for the app if you’re a first-time user of SBI everywhere. Learn how to register for SBI everywhere app for the first-time.

3.After logging in successfully, click on the Services option.

4.Tap on the Online nomination option from the next screen.

5.Select your account type from the next screen: Deposit account or Transaction account.

6.Select the account number from the same screen.

7.Now you can see the SBI CIF number right on your screen.

This CIF number can be noted and the app can be closed safely.

Method 2 – How do I get a CIF number for SBI via Internet banking?

1. 1. in to your website or phone using your user ID and password.

2. Click on the button in the left-hand menu.Statement of AccountOption.

3. Choose the account number, and then select the statement period. Click on theSubmitClick here

4. You can now see the CIF number at the beginning the Account statement.

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These are the four simple steps to get your CIF number from your sbi.

Methods Offline to Get SBI CIF Number

1.The Passbook –

The passbook contains the CIF number. Check the CIF number on the bottom of the passbook by opening the first page.

2.SBI customer service helpline number

Call the SBI helpline number to request your CIF number. The executive might ask for your details to confirm identity after you have connected the call. The executive can ask for the CIF number. SBI customer care number1800112211OR18004253800


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A CIF number is unique number that is assigned to each customer. This guide will show you how to obtain a CIF number from SBI online or offline. Please comment below if you have any questions.

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