Savage: Meaning, Definition, Savage Reply, Meaning In Hindi

Savage Definition

“Savage” refers to something that is wild, fierce, or uncontrolled. It can describe things that are harsh, aggressive, or rough, and it can also refer to behaviors or actions that are cruel or brutal. The exact meaning of “savage” depends on how it’s used in a particular context.

Savage Meaning

  1. Wild and Untamed: When describing animals or places, “savage” can mean untamed, wild, or in a natural state without human control or influence.
  2. Fierce or Violent: In a more figurative sense, “savage” can describe something that is fierce, violent, or aggressive. It can refer to behavior, actions, or even words that are harsh and intense.
  3. Brutal or Cruel: “Savage” can also describe something that is brutal, cruel, or ruthless, often referring to actions or behavior that causes harm or suffering.
  4. Rough or Unrefined: In another context, “savage” might describe something that is rough, unrefined, or lacking in sophistication or civility.

Savage Reply

A “savage reply” typically refers to a response or comeback that is unexpectedly harsh, witty, or cutting. It’s a reply that might catch others off guard due to its directness or boldness. The term is often used humorously to describe a clever or witty comeback that leaves an impression.

Savage Love Meaning

“Savage Love” typically refers to a popular advice column and podcast created by Dan Savage. In this context, “Savage Love” provides relationship and sexual advice, addressing a wide range of questions and topics. It’s known for its candid and often humorous approach to discussing matters related to relationships, sex, and personal dynamics.

In a broader context, “savage love” could also refer to a type of love that is passionate, intense, and perhaps even wild in nature. It might describe a relationship characterized by strong emotions, desire, and sometimes even unpredictability.

Savage Reply Meaning In Hindi

“Savage Reply” in Hindi can be translated as “कट्टर जवाब” or “तीखा जवाब.” It refers to a sharp or cutting response that is often witty and straightforward. A “savage reply” is a response that surprises others with its boldness or directness, and its cleverness or strong impact usually characterizes it.


  1. Tame
  2. Gentle
  3. Mild
  4. Civilized
  5. Polite
  6. Kind
  7. Cultivated
  8. Refined
  9. Friendly
  10. Humane


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