RTO Full Form in Hindi| hat is the full-form and meaning of RTO?

RTO KA फुल फॉर्म Regional Transport Office HOTA है. इसको हिंदी में क्षेत्रीय परिवहन कार्यालय कहते है

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People’s lives are enriched by vehicles. Indians depend on vehicles for their transportation needs, whether they are a two-wheeler or a car. The vehicle industry is often associated with large manufacturing plants and attractive showrooms. The industry’s back-end management aspect often goes unnoticed.

RTOs are responsible for most aspects of vehicle industry operations. RTOs are typically associated with car registrations and driving licenses. However, they also have many other tasks that are related to the entire vehicle industry. Continue reading to learn more about RTO and its functions.

The long-form and full-form versions of RTO is  Regional Transport Office. It is also known by the nameRegional Transport Authority (RTA).. It is a government organization that maintains a driver’s database. It also maintains the vehicle database. The driver and vehicle database cover all Indian states and union territory. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is RTO’s parent agency.

The Motor Vehicles Act governs the functions of RTOs. RTOs perform functions beyond the driving license functions. They also have responsibility for vehicle registration, revenue collection and vehicle inspection. Here is a list of the major functions performed by RTOs in India. :

The RTO is renowned as a body that deals with the driving license. This brief description of the function is not sufficient as there are many services that can be included under the driving license umbrella.

There are four types of driving licenses issued by the RTO – Learner’s License, Permanent License (received after completing the learner’s license period), Commercial Driving License, and an International Driving Permit. These licenses are not only issued, but also have to be renewed, duplicated, and passed driving tests.

The type of vehicle is also considered when issuing a driving license. You can choose between vehicles with or without gear, passenger-carrying cars, and vehicles that transport goods. The driving license contains all information about the driver as well as the vehicle class.

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Certain taxes are levied by the government on vehicles. One such tax is the road tax. The Road Tax is collected by the RTO. This is often done when the vehicle is registered for the first time.

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Vehicle Inspection:

RTO also inspects vehicles to ensure compliance with Motor Vehicles Act rules. From time to time, they conduct inspections.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, the RTO aims to address environmental issues. For example, it conducts activities related to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)/Liquid Petroleum Gas conversion and PUC (Pollution Under Control) testing centres.

Road Safety:

Road accidents are a leading cause of death worldwide. The RTO makes sure that road safety measures are in effect as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

Maintaining a vehicle database is one of the main responsibilities of an RTO. This is done during the vehicle registration process. All new vehicles must be registered at the RTO. This is how you obtain the license plate for your vehicle.

RTOs can also manage vehicle registration functions, such as issuing No Objection Certificates when vehicles are required to be registered from one state’s RTO to another and issuing transport permits.

The following steps will help you understand the RTO functions associated with vehicle registration. The information provided below is for your convenience and may differ from one RTO. These processes may be improved in the future.

The vehicle dealer handles most of the registration process. Here is how the vehicle registration process at RTO works.

You must register your vehicle at the RTO of the new state if you plan on moving your vehicle from one place to another. Here are the steps.

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The RTO will need to be contacted and informed about your sale. To transfer ownership of the vehicle to the new owner, you will need to pay the transfer fee.

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Different Indian states may have different codes for the number plate. This helps identify the vehicle. This table shows the codes of different Indian states.

Andhra PradeshAP
Himachal PradeshHP
Jammu and KashmirJK
Madhya PradeshMP
Arunachal PradeshAR
Tamil NaduTennessee
Uttar PradeshUP
West BengalWB

The codes of the union territories are similar to those used by different states. Below is a table that highlights the code for each union territory.

Union TerritoryCode
Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAN
Dadra and Nagar HaveliDN
Daman and DiuDD

Below is a table listing the RTO fees applicable to different processes. The rates may be subject to variation and could change from one RTO.

ProcessFees in Rupees
Registration of motor vehicles imported5000
Motorcycle registration imported2500
Register your motorcycle300
Registration of medium passenger motor vehicle1000
Registration of heavy passenger motor vehicles1500
Driver’s License for Learners150
Permanent Driving Licence300
Renewal of the Fitness Certificate200

Below is a table listing RTO Form numbers as well as the purpose they are required.

Form 20Application for registration of a motor vehicle
Formula 21Sale Certificate
Form 23Certificate of Registration
Formula 24Registration of motor vehicle
Form 29Notice of transport of ownership of a motor vehicle
Form 38 AReport of inspection
Form 50Bill of Lading
Formula 51Certificate of insurance
Form 54Accident Information Report
Form 57Certificate for Foreign Insurance

You can download most of the RTO forms from the Parivahan site. You can either download the RTO application form to obtain a driving licence or go to your local RTO to get a paper copy. The process for downloading the forms is below.

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National Informatics Centre (NIC), has developed and designed an app that provides information about RTO-related issues and information. It’s called mParivahan. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. This app can be used to locate information about RTOs as well as the services they offer. This mobile app can be used to locate the closest Pollution Checking Centre.

The mParivahan app allows you to take a practice driving test, so you can feel confident while taking the real one. If you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle or second-hand car, this app is a great resource. The app allows you to check the details of the vehicle that you are looking to buy by entering its registration number.

Vehicle owners love to have unique registration numbers for their vehicles. If you’re one of these people, you can either get an online or offline number. Visit Parivahan’s website for the online option, and your local RTO for the offline mode. Participating in an auction is a good way to get such numbers.

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To give you an overview, Regional Transport Offices refer to a state while District Transport Offices (DTOs), refer to a district. The jurisdiction area is usually the difference. Each state can have multiple districts. Therefore, it may have multiple DTOs. An RTO is a single office per state, but it could have multiple offices across the state.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Regional Transport Office (and its functions).

How do you write a request letter for the RTO?

Simply mention your name and your question to send a request letter. Attach any documents and address it to the appropriate authority. Most cases will have application forms that address specific requirements. In some cases, however, you may be required to write an application form.

Is there a minimum vehicle cubic capacity beyond which RTO registration becomes mandatory?

Is there a maximum height for heavy vehicles in Indian RTO?

How much space and is parking required?

Can I drive my car anywhere in India, without having to transfer RC from one RTO state to the other?

What do I do if my driving license has been sent from the main office, but not received by you?

How many times per year is the RTO exam conducted for a job?

Is it possible to overload a vehicle without paying RTO overload fees?

Is the temporary registration valid?

Is RC Book and RC Card alike?

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