Royal Enfield Spare Price List 2021 PDF

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Royal Enfield Spare Price List 2021

Royal Enfield Spare Price List 2021

Royal Enfield Classic 350 PartsAuthorized Dealer PriceExtra GST 28%Total Price
Side Stand557155712
Leg Guard1,3543791,733
Rear Brake Pads23064294
Front Brake Pads23064294
Rider Foot Rest376105481
Muffler Set / Exhaust2,2006162,816
Kick Starter Kit607169776
Fuel Tank2,6807503,430
Clutch wire9727124
Clutch Lever / Brake Lever495138633
Brake Shoe25070320
Switch Unit Start485135620
Ignition Switch25571326
Cable Speedometer14540185
Spark Plug26072332
Clutch Plate560156716
Front Fork Oil8724111
Labour Charges ( Paid Service )738206944
Oil Filter8022102
Break Oil9225117
Engine Oil700196896
Air Filter16546211
Alloy Wheel Rear4,4791,2545,733
Wheel ( Rim ) Front1,0452921,337
Alloy Wheel Front4,4791,2545,733
Rear wheel cush rubbers15844202
Steering ball races play491137628
Accelerator cable25571326
Rubber Hose360100460
Fuel Hose10212



The Enfield Cycle Company made motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers and stationary engines under the name Royal Enfield out of its works based at Redditch, Worcestershire. The logo, which features the cannon and the motto “Made Like a Gun”, reflects the legacy of weapon manufacturing. The Crown granted Royal Enfield trademark license in 1890.

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Royal Enfield introduced a small motorcycle with a 2 1/4 HP V twin Motosacoche engine from Switzerland in 1909. The next model featured a 2 3/4 HP engine, and the famous Enfield 2-speed gear. The JAP 6 HP 775 CC V twin engine with sidecar was introduced in 1912. This motorcycle made Enfield a household brand. 1914 saw Enfield introduce the 3HP motorcycles with Enfield’s engine. They were now equipped with the Enfield standard Enfield paint scheme, which included black enamelled parts and a green tank with gold trim.


The factory’s range of models grew over the years. In 1924, Royal Enfield offered four versions of its 2 1/4 HP two-stroke motorcycle, two JAP engines 350 cc motorcycles, and two versions the 8 HP Vickers engine sidecar combination. Royal Enfield was also hit by the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Although the demand for motorcycles waned, the company continued to manufacture them at the same rate and continued to operate. In the 30’s, Cycar, an enclosed motorcycle model, was introduced.

Royal Enfield, just like other motorcycle manufacturers at the time, was called upon by the British authorities during World War II to design and manufacture military bikes. There were a variety of models for military use, ranging from 250cc to 570cc. The Royal Enfield WD/RE is the most famous Enfield, also known as the Flying Flea. It was a light 125cc motorcycle that could be dropped by parachute along with airborne troops.

The factory continued to produce the models that were developed during World War II. In the end, the J2 model was created. This legendary motorcycle would go on to become the inspiration for the iconic Bullet. This motorcycle was also the longest-produced in the world.

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Since 1949, Royal Enfield motorcycles have been sold in India. The Indian government began looking for a motorcycle to equip its police forces and army for their patrolling duties at the border in 1955. The Bullet 350 was selected as the best bike for the job. This was a huge order at that time, with 800 motorcycles of 350cc capacity ordered by the Indian government. The Redditch Company formed an alliance with Madras Motors India in 1955 to build the 350cc Bullet motorcycles under license in Chennai (now Chennai). Madras Motors held more than 50% of the shares. Enfield India also purchased tooling equipment in 1957 so they could begin full-scale production. With each passing year, the Enfield Bullet was a dominant force on Indian highways.


A team of photojournalists launches the iconic Continental GT cafe-racer to much acclaim. They ride it from John ‘o Groats, England to Lands End in less than 24 hours. This was done by doing 7 laps around Silverstone. The GT has a clip-on handlebar, rear sets, rear sets, and a racing petrol tank. It also features a humped race-seat, rev counter, and a swept back exhaust.


Royal Enfield India starts exporting the 350cc Bullet in the UK and Europe. The bikes are loved by classic British motorcycle enthusiasts and quickly grow in sales.


Royal Enfield begins manufacturing at its second facility in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu. The factory’s increased capacity will make it the core of Royal Enfield’s future global ambitions.


India launches the 500cc UCE engine. Sales of the retro-styled Classic version grow quickly and reach cult status.

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Royal Enfield unveils the Himalayan. It boasts the all-new LS410 engine, terrain-tested suspension and promises the ride of a life time on all roads.


Royal Enfield moves into the fully-operational Technology Centre in UK at Bruntingthorpe, Leicester.

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