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Residential status” বাংলা অনুবাদ, অর্থ, সংজ্ঞা, ব্যাখ্যা এবং প্রাসঙ্গিক শব্দ এবং ছবির উদাহরণ – আপনি এখানে পড়তে পারেন।

  1. Residential status

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What is residential status example?

An individual has to check whether he has stayed in India during the previous year for more than 182 days or not. If he has stayed, then he is resident of India.

Who is called non resident?

Non Resident Indian is a person who is not a resident of India. An individual is deemed to be a resident, if (A) Individual has resided in India in that year for 182 days or more or (B) Having within the 4 years preceding that year been in India for 365 days or more and is in India for 60 days or more in that year.

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