Rehras Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi

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Rehras Sahib Path Punjabi

Rehras Sahib, also known as Sodar Rehras or Nitnem, is the Sikhs’ daily evening prayer. It also includes hymns by Guru Granth Sahib Ji or Dasam Granth Ji.

Daily recitation of Rehras Sahib path helps you make stronger or recite when your physical strength is low. Guru Arjan Dev Ji wrote this highest love letter to Guru Ram Dass Ji. It is a gift that gives you the benefits of a thousand shabads and your soul will merge with God.Page No. Page 2 of Rehras Sahib Path PDF

Rehras Sahib Path Recite Time

Rehraas Sahib should be recited at the evening when the sun sets. You can also say it anytime between 5.30 and 7.30. This is also when you should perform this Seva.

Click the link below to download Rehras Sahib Path lyrics in PDF format in Punjabi. Or, you can read them online free.

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