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PS is an abbreviation for Post Script. It can also refer to “Photoshop,” PlayStation, and “Pointless Sh*t.” Below are examples of how each definition of PS is used.

PS is often used to mean “Post Script” It is Latin for “written after,” and comes from the Latin postscriptum. A PS is a thought or idea that is added to messages or letters after they are completed. A PS can be used to remind, joke or emphasize something that was already in the message. Take this example:

  • PS. I love you.
  • PS: I was going to mail you $20 but forgot until I had sealed the envelope.
  • PS: If you decide to rat me to Sam, I will never take your sneakers back.

PS can also be used to refer to Adobe Photoshop, which is the most widely-used photo editing and manipulation program on the market. PS can be used to refer any editing done to an image of someone to make them more attractive. This applies regardless of whether it was done with Adobe software. Take this example:

  • Sam: In that photo, they look 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter.
  • Jo: PS is amazing!

PS is a common term for video gaming fans. It refers to the Sony game console.

PS can also be used to mean “Pointless Sh*t”, which refers to anything that has little or no value. Take this example:

Method of adding PS

Postscript is used in the following places

Correct Method to Add a Postscript (P.S.

* The message should start with P.S.

To add a postscript, skip a line following a signature line.

* Must be added to the letter at the end after a signature line.

Correct Places to add a postscript (P.S. (P.S.

How do you add a postscript

It must start with P.S. Before the message, it must begin with P.S.

After the signature line, it should be added to the end of your letter

To add a postscript, skip a line following the signature line

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